'Patriot Front' march on DC...

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2021.12.07 06:56 Capuman First book finished

Hi all,
I just recently finished my first book (for sale in amazon), its basically a memoir about nostalgia, 80s, technology, gaming, computers and how it all steered me towards eventually setting up my own software company which I eventually sold. The ups and downs of it all, the good times and the very difficult times. The struggles and ultimately the success.
I was wondering if there is a subreddit or place where I could promote it. Perhaps there are people out there who would be interested in reading such a book, and perhaps it can help people who are going through a similar situation as I did with my own company.
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Jövő januárban szeretnék nyitni egy TBSZ számlát. KBC és Random capitallal szemeztem, ezek közül az utóbbi volt a szimpatikusabb díjak miatt.
Sose volt még TBSZ számlám így egy kis segítséget szeretnék kérni hogy mindent jól értek-e. Első sorban ETF et szeretnék vásárolni. S&P500-at.
Az árjegyzékkel kapcsolatban szeretnék érdeklődni hogy jól értelmeztem-e: A számla nyitás/vezetés ingyenes, Online Részvény - Külföld kategóriába néztem hogy a díjazás 0,1% min 2 USD amerikai papírnál. Tehát ha jól értelmezem (és nincs másik költség ami elkerülte a figyelmemet. Ha havonta veszek 50k HUF értékben S&P500-at akkor (jelenlegi árfolyamon) kb 3 dollár költségem lenne. Azaz az év során 36USD.
Ezen felül van bármi költség amivel nem számoltam? Ez a 36USD ha jól értem csak az első évben van jelen (utána már nem tudok befizetni ugye), tehát az összköltségem 36 dollár az 5 évre?
Köszönöm a segítséget.
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2021.12.07 06:56 JasonMing7 Should you invest in Jade protocal : Frank Research ABout Jade from commuinty for the community

I have come across jade through a friend who normally is very cautious of risking anything. Looks at things in so many ways that it makes you wonder why he is wasting his time. I do understand he had bad runs with investments and when your hands have been burnt not one but multiple times, you have to be careful.
This is the main reason when he was the one who told me he put some money into Jade and the kind of expected returns he is expecting.
I decided to do some research myself before committing to actually investing.
Jade Protocol is a place on Binance chain where stakers of its native token Jade get the kind of APY no one in their right mind would believe. At the time of writing, it is 817,898,657% (817 million %).
The concept is to create a decentralized currency backed by treasury of assets, to breakdown the dependency of cryptocurrency from real world fiat currency. It sounds deranged, but something is beguiling about the idea of getting loads of people coming together to do something that sounds so far-fetched that it may just work.
There is Bonding and staking
Before i look at which one is better. let’s define what
Let’s look at bonding first:
Before i look at how bonding works. let’s define what assets you can use to bond.
There are three ways to bond:
Using LP tokens of Jade/BUSD BUSD BNB
If i had to compare the three tokens. BUSD and BNB would be a land in the centre of the city with established value while Jade is land in the middle of no-where with nothing but the promise that it will become more valuable than the land in the middle of the city.
So in essence you are giving up your land in middle of downtown New York with electricity, water, gas and whatever else a prime real estate has in return for a land in a country that has not even been established yet with a promise that if you give it enough time - this new country may become the America of future.
So yes, you give up BNB, BUSD to get Jade. With Bonding, you get a discount from the retail price. So let’s assume so you bought Jade on December 3 when the price of Jade was around $639, you may have obtained a discount of around 20% depending on what you used to bond. Your buy in price would have been around $511. At the time of buying you may have felt good but looking at current price of $286, you already lost almost half of your investment.
yes, some of you who actually done your own research and understand the mathematics behind how the returns are driven would say “it’s not the price but the APY” that matters. I would have to agree with this. The main thing is the high APY.
The intrinsic value of Jade is supposed to be backed by assets in Treasury. Jade currently is trading at a premium price but it can drop significantly to the bottom line of below what the treasury’s bottom is. The team decides the bottom price and the allocation of Treasury to back Jade but the team is anonymous, so no one knows who to credit or go after if one morning you wake up and all is gone. I am not saying that will happen but it’s crypto and that too the wild wild west of a concept that only and only works if the people who are in the eco system have diamond hands even when there is blood on the streets.
The APY supposed to come from the reward quantity of Jade, which is supported by assets in the treasury BUSD, BNB and the LP tokens that are used to bond. So to put in a layman term “Without a growing Treasury APY cannot be supported”.
I will keep adding to this post and will add all useful input from others in the community.
What to come
When do you think you should stay and when to run? (when the concept of “once i have made my initial investment back, i’ll pull out and leave the profits in to profit from with no risk” - doesn’t work.)
Some red flags i still need to do more analysis on. It won’t be fair to Jade community to just publish red flags without first trying to conclude the research.
what is better bonding vs staking (with full step by step guide on when you should be doing what if you are bonding, how often it should be to get the best edge you can).
And much much more.
Before i leave, i would ask others to pls explain why the number of holders https://bscscan.com/token/0x7ad7242a99f21aa543f9650a56d141c57e4f6081 are around 2,700 and the TVL is $99,628,173. If Total Value Locked, is the dollar amount of all Jade staked in the protocol, how much of that is from the actual organic jade holders.
If all of LVT is from the holders - Does this not mean that every holder has invested around $36,899 so far.
Please list all of your questions, which you think needs answering and lets answer them together and see if we are truly on to something or will lose our lunch.
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2021.12.07 06:56 Whisky_in_maggi Telling women about their rights leads to men getting harrased

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2021.12.07 06:56 thelastmilkbender People who are so competitive in leagues and just doing lightning rounds for 8 hrs a day, do you actually learn or what?

I got this person on my league with a total of 30,000 XP but with only 45 crowns and I don't even know that's possible. Everyone has they're own way of learning but some people might be forgetting that learning more words are more important than winning these weekly leagues.
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2021.12.07 06:56 Sollimann ros2: How do I disable linting checks in colcon/ament tests?

How do I stop colcon test from complaining about style linting and copyright linting?
when I run: colcon build && colcon test && colcon test-result --verbose
I get the following linting errors:

root@kristoffer-laptop:/workspaces/hydro-ros2/ros2_ws# colcon test-result --verbose build/hydro_nav/Testing/20211205-0016/Test.xml: 5 tests, 0 errors, 1 failure, 0 skipped - copyright <<< failure message -- run_test.py: invoking following command in '/workspaces/hydro-ros2/ros2_ws/src/hydro_nav': - /opt/ros/foxy/bin/ament_copyright --xunit-file /workspaces/hydro-ros2/ros2_ws/build/hydro_nav/test_results/hydro_nav/copyright.xunit.xml launch/joy_teleop.launch.py: could not find copyright notice launch/nav.launch.py: could not find copyright notice launch/robot_localization.launch.py: could not find copyright notice launch/robot_localization_dashing.launch.py: could not find copyright notice 4 errors, checked 4 files -- run_test.py: return code 1 -- run_test.py: verify result file '/workspaces/hydro-ros2/ros2_ws/build/hydro_nav/test_results/hydro_nav/copyright.xunit.xml' >>> build/hydro_nav/test_results/hydro_nav/copyright.xunit.xml: 4 tests, 0 errors, 4 failures, 0 skipped - hydro_nav.copyright launch/joy_teleop.launch.py <<< failure message could not find copyright notice >>> - hydro_nav.copyright launch/nav.launch.py <<< failure message could not find copyright notice >>> - hydro_nav.copyright launch/robot_localization.launch.py <<< failure message could not find copyright notice >>> - hydro_nav.copyright launch/robot_localization_dashing.launch.py <<< failure message could not find copyright notice >>> Summary: 18 tests, 0 errors, 5 failures, 0 skipped 
I have tried all different kinds of headers in the python script (for instance, I have tried a header format like this), and it still complains about copyright linting. I have tried to remove every reference to linting in my package.xml and CMakeLists.txt but colcon/ament just keeps complaining about linting errors.
Right now my package.xml file looks like:
... ament_lint_common ament_lint_auto ament_cmake_gtest ... 
Right now my CMakeLists.txt file looks like:
... if(BUILD_TESTING) # find_package(ament_lint_auto REQUIRED) # ament_lint_auto_find_test_dependencies() set(ament_cmake_copyright_FOUND TRUE) # the following line skips cpplint (only works in a git repo) # remove the line when this package is a git repo set(ament_cmake_cpplint_FOUND TRUE) find_package(ament_cmake_gtest REQUIRED) add_subdirectory(test) endif() ament_package() ... 
Any idea how I can either remove all linting from my tests in general or actually do some level of reformatting to fix the linting? I make sure my linting is correct with pre-commit hooks, I don't care about ament assessing my linting.
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2021.12.07 06:56 laxyharpseal Need help with genre

I can't seem to choose what genre best fits my fan fic.
the setting is pre zombie apocalypse. it covers how and when the zombie outbreak started. protagonist is a scientist who tries to research about it and the antagonist hinders her research to cover it up.
what genre would be best? should i just make it General or Drama? or maybe both?
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2021.12.07 06:56 SendPicsOfYourCats0 [bedrock] ps4, Unable to connect to world

I have a semi-large group of friends (6 people) and we frequently play bedrock together. However, regardless of who makes. the map as soon as i create a world, everyone BUT ONE person can join and vice versa! we can join our other friends world without any fuss but as soon as either me or they create the world we’re unable to join eachother. does anyone have any idea what is going on?
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2021.12.07 06:56 UniqueUsername-789 My WWII money collection: 90% silver 5 Reichsmark, aluminum-bronze 5 Reichspfennig, steel penny, and a Hawaiian dollar bill printed with “HAWAII” on it so it could be declared non-legal tender if Japan invaded Hawaii and captured money there.

My WWII money collection: 90% silver 5 Reichsmark, aluminum-bronze 5 Reichspfennig, steel penny, and a Hawaiian dollar bill printed with “HAWAII” on it so it could be declared non-legal tender if Japan invaded Hawaii and captured money there. submitted by UniqueUsername-789 to coins [link] [comments]