Get 50% off on plugins & bundles

2021.12.07 07:02 MPDBot Get 50% off on plugins & bundles

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2021.12.07 07:02 chairbornebg Reuters: Съдът обяви за неконстуционна задължителната ваксинация в Словения

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2021.12.07 07:02 Dismal-Fly-5086 SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME !

I got no way home ticket for VOX GOLD seats totally at the back in december 16 thursday 8:00 pm friends backing out last minute cuz they broke/got no time wtv im tired of asking them.
Original price for VOX gold ticket 94.50
Got only one!
Anybody wanna join me pls dm !
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2021.12.07 07:02 peteski Spell, Karel Fonteyne

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2021.12.07 07:02 GoldenShurima Lily's new NFT

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2021.12.07 07:02 Peejhay_Bustillo Looking for manager

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2021.12.07 07:02 Status-Victory In the UK Tesco (the biggest supermarket chain) is in trouble....
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2021.12.07 07:02 chairbornebg Тайсън Фюри заплаши да съди Би Би Си

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2021.12.07 07:02 roqyi938 الإمارات أول دولة خليجية تقلص أيام العمل إلى 4 ونصف

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2021.12.07 07:02 Fun_Dealer7525 Hello good people of the Solend reddit! Please can someone breakdown for my how I can effectively stake my solend? Is it profitable? Is it safe? Many thanks.

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2021.12.07 07:02 anyhowask Passing data (Username) to various layers (Auditing)

I have a requirement that all CUD requests are to be logged. Each request contains a user's username in the header, how can I go about passing it to the service layers that need it for logging (without explicitly retrieving it from a controller and passing it to the service as a paramete argument)?

I'm using webflux if that matters.

Ways I've thought of so far (but not tested)

Any hints/help would be gladly appreciated
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2021.12.07 07:02 Tricky_Amphibian96 War Never Changes/ PHONKY TOWN

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2021.12.07 07:02 anon_person2001 What will happen?

I want to withdraw a unit in the summer sem A but the census date has passed. What will happen if I withdraw? Will the unit remain on my transcript or will it be removed ? With the changes to grading and results due to COVID.
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2021.12.07 07:02 NotToBeBack People of Reddit that find the holiday season rough, how do you get through it positively?

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2021.12.07 07:02 ThugLyfe1738 Rivals

Has anyone else been grinding to get a clean lap time on rivals for the Goliath road race? No collisions or rewinds for an 11 minute race in an S2 class took me a few tries. Just curious how many other people have tried. I'm pretty sure I restarted at least 10 times haha.
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2021.12.07 07:02 chairbornebg Хамилтън и Верстапен с равен брой точки преди последния кръг във Формула 1

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2021.12.07 07:02 Ricosss A ketogenic supplement improves white matter energy supply and processing speed in mild cognitive impairment. (Pub Date: 2021)
Abstract Introduction: White matter (WM) energy supply is crucial for axonal function and myelin maintenance. An exogenous source of ketones, the brain's alternative fuel to glucose, bypasses the brain's glucose-specific energy deficit and improves cognitive outcomes in mild cognitive impairment (MCI). How an additional supply of ketones affects glucose or ketone uptake in specific WM fascicles in MCI has not previously been reported.
Methods: This 6-month interventional study included MCI participants randomized to a placebo (n = 16) or ketogenic medium chain triglyceride (kMCT
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2021.12.07 07:02 honda8894 [Discussion] I really need to use Teams and Outlook for work. Any ideas??

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2021.12.07 07:02 ZimNewsDaily Covid-19 Has Disturbed Holiday Celebration in Zimbabwe

The enhancement of Covid-19 measures across the Zimbabwean border and in the SADC region has made it difficult for citizens of this country to return home during the Christmas and New Year holidays. For people in the SADC region to be able to visit Zimbabwe and return to their home countries in
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2021.12.07 07:02 chairbornebg Ouest-France: Лидерите пет западни сили заявиха решимостта си да отстояват суверенитета на Украйна

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2021.12.07 07:02 La5tTemplar I was thinking...

Is this not yet another warden trick, they try to devide us but their magic has fallen short....
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2021.12.07 07:02 bailandocalrissian Classic Albums: Suede - Coming Up WHERE TO WATCH?

Please, help...Where can I watch this? I really wanna see it. I'm not in the UK and not in Finland ( though, so...How?
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2021.12.07 07:02 chairbornebg България няма да участва на АTP Cup

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2021.12.07 07:02 Miserable_RubU I bought my grandson this shirt for his 19th birthday, what do y’all think?

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2021.12.07 07:02 Energizer_94 BAT YOLO.

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