Vault Boy!

2021.12.07 06:12 Living-Office-4206 Vault Boy!

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2021.12.07 06:12 shewstepper Fueled and ready to roll

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2021.12.07 06:12 hungstudrick After seeing how quickly amazingly the cars are being repaired after a crash, even some massive ones, got me thinking is it because how the cars are designed themselves, this is not to undermine the job the amazing job that mechanics do

You know f1 cars are highly modular, in the way that they have to be disassembled packed shipped unpacked and reassembled again for every race, also for quick parts change during the race eg front wing. Is this the reason why they are also so amazingly quick to repair after a crash..?
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2021.12.07 06:12 bza4207 Playing on the Cloud with Gamepass has been a gamechanger for me

I read a post on here a month or 2 ago about playing 76 on xcloud. I was just thinking it was only for phones or tablets. I thought "well that sounds cool for people that want to play when they are not at home, but still not for me."
Then I read an article on a tech site that said you could also play the cloud version on an OG Xbox One as long as you have gamepass ultimate. I couldn't seem to figure it out at first. Apparently if you have the game installed on your Xbox it won't let you launch it on the cloud. I had to delete 76 from my console, I know goodbye pictures, but all my pics from launch days were on my One X that died.
I honestly can't tell that much of a difference in graphics compared to my One. But the fps diff and how smooth it is just blew me away.
Normally Scorched Earth is a slideshow for me. Not anymore, even with legacy gatplas going off in every direction it's just so much smoother. Not to mention the loading times. I'm used to fast traveling and having enough time to take a nap. Now it's only taking like 4 or 5 seconds. Also everything in the crafting menu is now instant and no more lag.
I've also tried this with Forza Horizon 5 and the extra fps is def noticeable esp with steering response. I was thinking playing over the cloud would have major input lag, but nope it's as if you are playing on your own console.
I'm trying to get a Series X next year but this works nicely until then. Of course this won't apply to people that already have a Series X, unless you want to play while away from home. But for us old Xbox One users it's a night and day difference.
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2021.12.07 06:12 Phoenix_Kitten I just started my new youtube channel! i welcome all the support! ;)
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2021.12.07 06:12 mapnmop Is today/tonight a good time to make a sigil ? Are we still in the aftershadow of the eclipse?

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2021.12.07 06:12 Arnoldbut_not [TASK]

I need a UI designer to design 6 prototype webpages (no backend needed I just need a simple illustration of what the webpages might look like during the early stages of development). These 6 webpages will be based on 6 already written requirements that will be given. Absolutely simple task, no backend just a simple illustration of each page just a few text boxes and buttons that will properly illustrate the given requirements. $5
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2021.12.07 06:12 CalStateQuarantine Need help with my balls

Looking to make a good investment into about ~15 balls for my training sessions. I want something match grade, but also not looking to spend $100+ per ball.
Any suggestions appreciated.
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2021.12.07 06:12 needsofindia1 Lenovo ThinkPad e450 battery

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2021.12.07 06:12 Constantinotang Match Preview of Champions League (12.7)

Shakhtar VS S. Tiraspol – Liga dos Campeões da UEFA
Dica de BR Nowgoal: Empate. @ 3.50.
Real Madrid VS Inter Milan – Liga dos Campeões da UEFA
Dica de BR Nowgoal: Real Madrid ganha. @ 2.10. ou empate. @ 3.50.
Dortmund VS Besiktas – Liga dos Campeões da UEFA
Dica de BR Nowgoal: Dortmund ganha. @ 1.25.
Ajax VS Sporting CP – Liga dos Campeões da UEFA
Dica de BR Nowgoal: Ajax ganha. @ 2.80. ou Empate. @ 4.50.
FC Porto VS Atl. Madrid – Liga dos Campeões da UEFA
Dica de BR Nowgoal: FC Porto ganha. @ 2.80.
AC Milan VS Liverpool – Liga dos Campeões da UEFA
Dica de BR Nowgoal: LIverpool ganha. @ 3.20.
RB Leipzig VS Manchester City – Liga dos Campeões da UEFA
Dica de BR Nowgoal: Manchester City ganha. @ 1.95.
PSG VS Club Brugge – Liga dos Campeões da UEFA
Dica de BR Nowgoal: PSG ganha. @ 1.29.
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2021.12.07 06:12 CryptoWits Will Amp be to finance, what ATP [Adenosine triphosphate] is to living cells? How solutions in biology and finance can share similar characteristics.

With digital assets, one the hurdles that currently exists is figuring out how to seamlessly allow merchants to accept multiple digital assets through a simple and common payrail, regardless of the digital asset.
Cells have a similar challange, how to utilizes energy from multiple types of molecules.
In biology, multicellular organisms, and even simple one cell organisms, need a temporary store of energy to handle multiple forms of biological molecules that contain energy, including surgars and carbarbohydrates (fructose, glucose, etc), fats (glycerol, fatty acids) and protein (amino acids). Fortunately, nature has crafted a wonderful solution for this problem. A small, organic compound named Adenosine triphoshate, which will go from ADP + P to ATP and then back to ADP + P. The phosphate bond is where the energy is stored. Throughout living organisms, from the simplest and least complex, prokaryotes, and large and complex multicellular animals, cells rely upon this simple and reliable method for energy transfer.
Wikipedia describes ATP as a "molecular unit of currency", in simple terms, many life processes, from growth, to movement, to reproduction, depend on this small little intermediary form of energy store in order to take all of the molecules we consume (fats, carbs, proteins) and to use the energy embedded in the bonds of these molecules - seamlessly by our cells.
While our digital currency solutions are still in the early stages, it is stunningly amazing and remarkable that a proposed solution crafted for finance and digital currencies, AMP, not only sounds very similar to ATP in name, but it has a similar role with facilitating monetary transactions from many forms of digital currency as a type of intermediary value.
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2021.12.07 06:12 undyingspirit2 Marksman is too broken marksman are too broken kayn had 1,5 item adv 2 levels ahead aphelious stood in meele range with shield bow and LDR how broken are thoose items for over a year isn't that enough ?
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2021.12.07 06:12 EggplantKnown810 What is the meaning of Sedna square ascendent please it's important

Can you please reply me faster??
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2021.12.07 06:12 cenuij ‘Your profit fuelled genocide’: Rohingya sue Facebook for £150bn

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2021.12.07 06:12 diaspora_warrior African American sexpat & self-proclaimed “China expert”, Collin Anthony Spears, argues “science” proves ethnic Chinese have an innate lack of empathy & are unable to recognize distress in human faces.

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2021.12.07 06:12 Tarique_007 MH3U Missing Codex

I had to buy a new 3DS and buy 3U, 4U, Gen, and Stories again. Not that I'm complaining. But I notice a few differences with this new 3U. The C-stick finally works and there's a new image telling the player to rest a bit. But the weapon codex from the Argosy captain is missing as well. Dunno why, or how. I thought it must be a download thing, but I have all the downloads installed already. I tried looking it up and haven't been able to find anything. Has anyone noticed this?
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2021.12.07 06:12 SocialismIs1Love SOCIALIST FILM VIEWING LIST ✊🏻📹

A lot of these films you will find free on YouTube, Vimeo, BFI or online. If you do not find the ones you are looking for email and I will work out a way of getting them to you.
Novecento a.k.a 1900 (Bertolucci, Italy, 1976) The Conformist (Bertolucci, Italy, 1970) The Gospel according to Matthew (Passolini, Italy, 1964) Z (Gavras, Algeria/French, 1969) Be seeing you / Bientot J’espere (Marker, France, 1967) La commune (Paris 1871) (Watkins, France, 2000) Rosa Luxemburg (Trotta, Germany, 1986)
Jean Luc Goddard
Weekend (Godard, France, 1967) British Sounds (Godard, France, 1969) La Chinoise (Godard, France, 1967) Le gai savior (Godard, France, 1969)
South American
The battle of Algiers (Pontecorvo, Italy/Algeria, 1966) The hour of the furnaces Parts 1,2 & 3 (Getino & Solanas, Argentina, 1968) The battle of Chile. Part 1,2,3 & 4 (Guzman, Chile, 1975) Blood of the Condor (Sanjinés, Bolivia, 1969) Concerning violence (Olsson, Sweden/African, 2014) I am Cuba / Soy Cuba (Kalatozov, Cuba, 1964) The Journey (Solanas, Argentina, 1992) Che Part 1 & 2 (Soderbergh, US, 2008)
Bamako (Sissako, Mali, 2006) Finding Fela (Gibney, USA & Africa, 2014) The Money Order (Sembene, Senegal, 1968) Moolaade (Sembene, Senegal, 2004
Black Liberation (Laurot, USA, 1967) Black Panthers (Varda, USA, 1968) Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky & the media (Achbar & Wintonick, USA, 1992) Modern Times (Chaplin, USA, 1930) The salt of the Earth (Wilson, USA, 1954) Malcolm X (Lee, USA, 1992) Nothing but a man (Roemer, USA, 1964) The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (Olsson, Sweden/USA, 2011) The trotsky (Tierney, Canada, 2009) Norma Rae (Ritt, USA, 1979)
Divide and Rule (BFI, UK, 1978) Ways of Seeing (Berger, UK, 1972) A Very British Coup (Jackson, UK, 1988) The Stuart Hall project (Akomfrah, UK, 2013) The perverts guide to ideology (Fiennes, UK, 2012) The Killings of Tony Blair (Berg, UK, 2016) High-Rise (Wheatley, UK, 2015) Pride (Warchus, UK, 2014) Made in Dagenham (Cole, UK, 2010) Suffragette (Gavron, UK, 2015) The battle of Orgeave (Figgis, UK, 2001) The battle for Orgeave (Vanson, UK, ?) Behind the rent strike (Broomfield, UK, 1974) Handsworth Songs (Akomfrah, UK, 1986) High Hopes (Leigh, UK, 1988) Naked (Leigh, UK, 1993)
Ken Loach - Excellent social realist
The Wind that shakes the barley (Loach, UK/Ireland, 2006) Land and Freedom (Loach, UK/Spain, 1995) The spirit of 45 (Loach, UK, 2013) Bread and Roses (Loach, UK, 2000) I, Daniel Blake (Loach, UK, 2016) Days of Hope (Loach, UK, 1975) A question of Leadership (Loach, UK, 1980) Cathy come home (Loach, UK, 1966) Riff-Raff (Loach, UK, 1991) Carla's Song (Loach, UK, 1996)
Soviet Russia
Strike (Eisenstein, USSR, 1925) Battleship Potemkin (Eisenstein, USSR, 1925) Que Viva Mexico (Eisenstein, Mexico, 1931) October (Eisenstein, USSR, 1928)
Snowpiercer (Joon-ho, South Korea, 2013)
Give my IG a follow for more recommendations.
The Socialist Filmographer
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2021.12.07 06:12 sleepscarf Can’t play any games on pc whether wired or wireless?

Pretty much as title reads. No matter what game it is I cannot launch them on the calyx wifi. I know it’s not my computer or the games, as I was playing them just fine on my friends wifi a few days ago. I’m using the M2000 5G, Netflix and phones work okay.
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2021.12.07 06:12 lkocman openSUSE Leap roadmap and areas of focus for upcoming releases

Hello openSUSE!
Let me share with you a confirmation on the Leap roadmap and areas of focus for upcoming releases.
Some asked if there will be Leap 15.4, I can confirm both 15.4 and 15.5 are on our current roadmap.
More in the original email:

Hope you like it!
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2021.12.07 06:12 ULTIMATE_FROG Question about impractical moral principals

Forgive me if I confuse some terminology--I am not a philosopher of any kind--so bare with me.
What is the perspective of how practicality plays into moral principles (or whatever they are called). For example, take the naive moral belief that "You need to always be nice to people." Is it possible to refute this statement solely with the counter argument, "It is not always possible to be nice to people in every instance where it would be necessary for you to be nice, therefore this moral principle is not a good belief?"
Basically, I want to know if moral principles exist that do not need to be qualified with "whenever it is within your ability to do so." As an example of this, I could easily solve my above principle by stating, "You always need to be nice to people in every instance where you can do so and have the ability to do so." Is this a kind of qualifier that is usually included or are there sound arguments of moral principles that expect one to behave in certain ways even if it is impossible to behave that way in every instance they would be expected to do so.
It just seems to me, intuitively, that it makes for a pretty crummy moral principle if it cannot always be followed. But I don't honestly know much about moral philosophy so hopefully someone could help me out here.
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2021.12.07 06:12 AshleyGardnerr 10 Hacks to Turn A Normal Expository Article into An Amazing One

Certainly, expository essays are a kind of more technical and framework, compared to various types of essays. Notwithstanding, taking writing an expository essay as a critical and challenging task should not affect the way you write a paper for me. It is because following some tricks and tips can help you write a masterpiece.
Essentially, writing expository essays anticipates that understudies should investigate a particular idea or idea, analyze the relevant examples and proof, elaborate on the major idea, and create argument(s) on the idea or idea rationally.
After reading the above paragraph (definition), understudies start imagining that making a good quality expository essay would be a challenge for them. In this manner, they ask others for essay or assignment help for the reason to have their assistance simultaneously. In such cases, understudies sometimes enroll professional essay writing service providers or ask their mates for writing their essays.
Notwithstanding, you don’t feel that focused or hesitant! The accompanying hacks would enable you on the most capable method to form a masterful expository essay.
Hacks to Turn A Mediocre Expository Essay into An Interesting One

  1. Clear and compact phrasing: It is hard to make a strong argument or case if dissertation writers have perplexed the reader through complex words and phrases. Consequently, always make utilization of straightforward, clear, and compact words and phrases.
  2. Third-individual pronoun: Technically, expository essays are written in a goal manner. While using the first and second individual is sometimes accepted. In this manner, always stick to third-individual pronouns.
  3. Strong thesis statement: A strong thesis statement is what covers the whole story in two or three words. Always form a strong yet easily defendable thesis statement at whatever point you ought to write an expository essay.
  4. One body paragraph and one idea: A masterful and powerful expository write an essay for me is the one wherein each body paragraph covers a clever idea. Always progress with covering a new (one) idea in everybody paragraph of your essay.
  5. Mentioning arguments: No matter how well you have formed your essay, but in case your arguments lack stream, your efforts may not be appreciated. At this point, always demand your arguments according to a particular development (for example more significant to less).
  6. The logical anyway clearer stream of information: Giving dependable information and examples simply isn’t the key. To make a masterpiece, always make sure that your information contains a logical yet clear stream so the reader would easily understand your message or probably look for the Best thesis writing service.
  7. Using transition words and phrases: Transition words and phrases are extremely helpful for associating sentences and even paragraphs. While guaranteeing a clear stream is one of your targets. So always make ideal utilization of transition words and phrases, while writing an expository essay.
  8. Remember refering to sources: Indeed, expository essays are about ‘how you investigate an idea or idea’ but don’t disregard to allude to sources, you have used. So always allude to the sources at the completion of your essay; if not, your write my paper task would be fragmented.
  9. Strong end: To give your essay an ideal end, make sure to put a stellar end that impeccably summarizes all central issues.
  10. Add a ‘call to action’: To make your expository essay a masterpiece, always add a ‘call to action’ in the end part of your essay. Because the nobody yet source can make your reader, take action(s) (i.e., direct further research) after reading your work.
You got ideas “on the most capable method to write a masterful expository essay” but are as yet focused on because you need more opportunity to write your essay.
Relax, you can utilize a professional essay writing service or a specialist essay writer who will write a top-quality essay for you at a reasonable expense.
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2021.12.07 06:12 makerladeration527 Baldi is gonna be angry hehehehe

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2021.12.07 06:12 vent-acc- Me: Already anxious because I planned a beach trip with my cousin in 10 days and she's gonna see my self harm scars. The fuckery that is my brain:

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2021.12.07 06:12 my-user-account GUESS

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2021.12.07 06:12 kro4lyf Can I get a price check please

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