Beruka Mains where you at?

2021.12.07 05:44 ChowWigglePuff Beruka Mains where you at?

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2021.12.07 05:44 Own_Grass_6060 Back 2 Back Hits. Yesterday was the most important/informational show. Today was one of the funniest shows. F&F on A Streak

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2021.12.07 05:44 xrpykqhs Oregon’s Kayvon Thibodeaux entering the NFL Draft will skip the Alamo Bowl and miss the junior season

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2021.12.07 05:44 BleachIsBestAnime Daily Soi Fon #556

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2021.12.07 05:44 ShiraSaltz Just finished my Broadway painting! Took me 107 hours... -used ult acrylic brushes :)

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2021.12.07 05:44 fatadelatara „Credeam că doctorii sunt mână-n mână cu polițiștii”. Confesiunile unui tânăr HIV pozitiv

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2021.12.07 05:44 JuanMigz_ Transfer Inquiry

Hi! I got my transfer acceptance to SFSU majoring in accounting. My transfer credit report says its at 55.5 units, however when I check the degree progress report it hasn’t reflected yet with SFSU’s equivalent subjects. Should I wait a little bit more, or should I contact anyone from the advising department? Apologies for not knowing because this is new to me. Thanks in advance!! 🤧🤧
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2021.12.07 05:44 AcanthopterygiiSea70 IWFTR

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2021.12.07 05:44 smpur Rotary Friction welding

Hi! Is here friction welding specialist?
There would be a few questions.
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2021.12.07 05:44 brittaniq Tickets for the Seattle show (mods please remove if its violating any rules)

Hey I'm a college student and a survivor of a lot of medical related trauma. I personally cannot go to this show, and I'm out 150 bucks I was going to use to treat my best friends and I (who also dont really want to go anymore). I have tried getting a refund but have not had any luck. I'm not asking for a profit, I just would like to be able to use some of that money instead of wasting it on a show I cant see. I got 3 tickets all sitting together in row C. Please comment or DM me. Thank you
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2021.12.07 05:44 arcaneframes What's your hotbar setup? I set mine at the beginning of every game, like this:

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2021.12.07 05:44 ArcturusMike Very low FPS on Linux (Pop OS)

Hello there!
Since my KSP on Windows has been unplayable for a few days (see this), I installed it on Pop OS 21.04.
But there the game is unplayable as well; it does not matter whether I play with or without mods, or native/via SteamPlay.
I only get between 5-15 fps when I look at the KSC, am on the launch pad in the VAB or in orbit around Kerbin and the game clock in the top left is yellow. But in the tracking station I have 60 FPS.
The settings are the same as on my Windows install, where I have 30-60 FPS.
My hardware:
Intel Core i7-7500U GeForce GTX 950M 16 GB DDR4 RAM
I've already changed the value of the UNSUPPORTED_LEGACY_SHADER_TERRAIN setting, but that didn't change anything sadly.
I hope you can help me, you're my only hope ;-)
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2021.12.07 05:44 GrabFull What you will do with $500k in cash ? House and cars pays , btw fK all EmployerS

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2021.12.07 05:44 nickiskindasusngl my fan-art of the stranger

my fan-art of the stranger
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2021.12.07 05:44 Brianna-Brandon The best texture and workmanship in recent years | AJ11

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2021.12.07 05:44 Leaulo Funny title about long queue

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2021.12.07 05:44 statisticssayy what’s gud w apex rankeeed?

Hello frens. been tryin to grind on apex ranked but it has been hard ranking up with randoms at this point, i only get a few good matches. Gotten to plat 4 by myself, just looking to see if i can make some friends who are down to play! hit ma lineeee or what evaa. i mainly play as valkyrie, caustic, or wraith. yeah i have a few. ok let me shut up now.
psn is stephlmao
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2021.12.07 05:44 roseyday6 It feels like my (20F) boyfriend (20M) is pushing me away.

Apologies if any of this comes off as rambling, its late and I am overthinking lol
I (20F) have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend (20M) for about 4 months. I knew going into it that LDR's are very hard and take lots of work and I was willing to do it, I love and care for my boyfriend so much. We were friends for a while before we both confessed and started dating in August. We both talked about what we want out of a relationship and we both want something that'll last. We don't want to fuck around and just end up hurting each other. We both also agree that communication is most important and until recently it had been very good and we communicated well. I can genuinely see a future with him and I'm very sure he's the man I would love to marry someday and possibly start a family. He is just everything I personally have ever wanted, though I could be looking at it all through rose tinted glasses.
Wednesday (12/1) he found out he'd be having a job interview on Saturday (12/4). Friday (12/3) he started getting very anxious, which I 100% understand as I have 3 anxiety disorders, and when he's anxious he gets very quiet. Saturday comes and the interview did not go as well as we would've hoped but he still might get a call so we're waiting for that. Ever since Saturday he has been very quiet and reserved, again I 100% understand and I gave him his space and didn't talk much either when we would call on discord and watch YouTube together. Monday (12/6) he disappeared for a few hours which is not like him. He usually sends me a message saying he'll be busy for a bit today and that basically tells me not to message him much and he'll be ready to call later that night and I am fine with that, I use the time to be away from my phone and get my own stuff done. I assumed he was busy with family stuff or a friend came over out of no where and he was distracted and didn't think to message, which I would've understood. Few hours later he calls while I'm taking a nap and I wake up 20 minutes later and call him back. He doesn't say a lot. Basically just asks about my day and when I ask about his he just says "busy" and then started streaming to our discord call him playing Terraria and then I heard maybe 8-10 sentences from him in 6 hours of him playing Terraria. He usually asks me to play with him as well but he didn't this time. After he finished playing Terraria he put on YouTube and I heard him speak once after that, and he sounded annoyed. He was yawning so I asked if he was sleepy and going to sleep soon and he went "Yeah. Uh. I"ll think about it." I haven't heard a word from him since and its been about 2 hours. I feel like he fell asleep and I understand that since he has not been sleeping well since Friday, but I don't know today has just been super weird with him. I'm sad we didn't do our usual goodnight routine (basically just goodnight, I love you, talk to you in the morning, etc.) and I know its probably just from lack of sleep and stress about the job but I can't help but feel like he's pushing me away. He doesn't call me babe anymore either. He used to do it all the time and I loved it but he stopped about a month ago and I've just been having this feeling I keep pushing away ever since. Even when I call him baby or bby he doesn't call me anything back. He's said babe maybe 4 times since he stopped.
I already plan on asking him to talk about how he's feeling and seeing if there's anything I can do for him tomorrow but I just wanted a second pair of eyes that doesn't know anything about us to maybe throw in some advice on what to do or questions to ask him. I don't want to breakup and definitely will not be bringing it up or discussing it unless he does.
TLDR; boyfriend stressed about job interview, goes quiet and seems to be pushing me away and not communicating as much. advice wanted.
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2021.12.07 05:44 Sad-Crow7746 "Go to therapy" is society's way of telling a person "leave us alone."

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2021.12.07 05:44 IbtihalAl-Tayyib الحرية أثمن ما في الوجود، لذلك كان ثمنها باهظًا♥️🇸🇩

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2021.12.07 05:44 youssefgoldaly [OFFER] Professional Photoshop/Photo editing work for reasonable prices!

Hello! I've been using Photoshop for years now and I got a good idea about how the program works. All of my work is done in good quality and prices starting at 5$ only for the simplest tasks, that price obviously varies depending on the work that'll be done.
6+ years of experience in photo editing.
A quick list of what I can do:

Some of my work
Pm me for questions or info!
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2021.12.07 05:44 poppetshit Can you see it??? First time catching a blep on camera… it’s small but it’s there!!

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2021.12.07 05:44 ialbie Yet Another Working Weapons Mod List

I'm making a new load order and I'm trying a lot of weapons to see what works in VR and what not.
Just wanna share with you some cool nexus weapons that seems to work nice.
I replaced various weapons from the base game, I just don't want 10k weapons in my game, and I like replacers because the damage are balanced to the replaced weapon, but you can choose to not install the replacer (every replacer is from cyanide4suicide).
PS. almost every mod I tryed from NovaFinch (combine arms author) sadly crash your vr game when adding mods.
Some weapons need position fix, I can make them and I will post them here and on nexus when ready.
I recommend downloading this mod to fix any misalignment that may exist with laser sights:
And if you install the replacer you can use this mod to easily spawn them:
Here's the list of replaced weapons:
OK - Institute - AQUILA - Laser Rifle
OK - Laser - Wattz
OK - Laser Musket - AER 15
OK - Combat Rifle - MWM4 M4A1
OK - Assault Rifle - AK400 - Assault Rifle
OK - Radium Rifle - Heckler und Koch G36
OK - HandMade Rifle - AK74M
OK - SMG - Heckler und Koch - UMP (IT NEED POSITION FIX)
OK - 10 mm - OTs-33 Pernach
OK - Pipe Bolt Action - Heckler und Koch - MP5 Complex
OK - Lever Action Rifle - Springfield Armory M1A
OK - Combat Shotgun - Mossberg 500 Pump
OK - Pipe revolver - Heckler und Koch - MP7 - sostituire con TEC - 9
OK - Pipe Guns - AnotherOne TEC-9 - sostituire con MP7
OK - Deliverer - Glock 19X - Pistol
OK - .44 Pistol - MP-412 - A Standalone Revolver - few modifications
(.44 Pistol - RSh-12 Assault Revolver) STILL NEED TO TRY IT (WIP)
OK - Hunting rifle - McMillan CS5 - A Standalone Sniper Rifle
OK - Double Barrel Shotgun - Fostech Origin 12 (not exactly a shotgun)
OK - Missile launcher - Projectile Rocket Launcher
OK - Plasma gun - Accelerator Plasma Energy Weapon

Additional cool Weapons:
OK - Cross Cryolance
OK - RU556 - Assault rifle (into the Leveled Lists and spawns after you complete the "Unfinished Deal" quest)
OK - M249 SQUAD AUTOMATIC WEAPON - (IT NEED POSITION FIX) - (Need to balance damage against assault rifle) My favourite weapons from combined arms, not cool as the combined version but still cool (DL the animation patch too)
OK - Fusillade Grenade Launcher (aiming with sight is not accurate but it's still a great weapon)
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2021.12.07 05:44 Spicyweiner_69 Dating with Autism

Sort of a dumb question but I’m Autistic, high functioning but I’ve never had a relationship of any sort before , I’m only 21 and people tell me that’s still young and not to worry but what are ways to meet people who are understanding? Most people I meet aren’t willing to take the time to get to know me well enough so it never ends up becoming a relationship, I’ve tried basically all the dating apps , even paid for a while to use them but I get nothing but bots or people requesting money to talk to me , occasionally I’ll meet someone but it never lasts more than a few texts back and forth before I’m unadded
Are their sites , places one can go to to meet others ? I struggle in the beginning of friendships , but once I open up and get to know someone I usually am much better at socializing.
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2021.12.07 05:44 Loonoe When should I revisit old levels to "master them"?

I used Duolingo about 4 years ago to start learning german, then I stopped after keeping it up for half a year, and I didn't have the discipline to start it up as a routine again.
Either way, back then, you just did 5 lessons a day and that was considered the "Insane" goal, now it's 20 minutes and I can't see anything saying how much time I've spent on lessons for a day. I tend to just do 5 each day while going on a walk, if it's too cold out I'll do some more at home.
When should you revisit old lessons and which ones should you revisit? Some feel really superfluous now. I'm learning German, and the legendary challenge for Basics 1 was literally me writing Hallo/Hello and different variations of coffee and milk please. I'm still learning new things and new courses aren't too difficult, I just don't want to forget certain things.
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