Chinese Drama: Ebola Fighters (Luo Jin and Rachel Mao Xiaotong)

2021.12.07 05:45 chinesedramaworld Chinese Drama: Ebola Fighters (Luo Jin and Rachel Mao Xiaotong)

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2021.12.07 05:45 chemistryofdrama afraid to leave my cat behind

I’m a junior in college and in a month I leave for another country to study abroad for a semester. I’ll be gone for four and a half months. I’ve had my cat since winter of my senior year of high school and brought her to college with me and I haven’t been without her for more than two nights since before I came to college. I knew I was going to have to leave my cat behind and that it’d be hard, but it’s getting to the point where I’m considering not going because it’s making me so upset. I know she’ll be safe and loved while I’m gone, I know I’ll miss her but I’ll survive, I just also know there’s no way for me to explain to her what’s happening, so she’s going to think I abandoned her.
My parents’ cats are mean to her and she’s terrified of their dog so we decided it would be best for her to stay with one of my friends, but she’s only met him once, which isn’t helping me being worried she’ll think I’ve left her forever or given her away.
Has anybody else had to leave their cat for an extended period of time? What did you do to make it easier for them, how did they do when you left, and how did they react when you came home?
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2021.12.07 05:45 hamdyfkassem مواعيد مباريات دوري أبطال أوروبا والقنوات الناقلة اليوم.. ليفربول والريال وسان جيرمان ومان سيتي أهم الفرق

مواعيد مباريات دوري أبطال أوروبا والقنوات الناقلة اليوم.. ليفربول والريال وسان جيرمان ومان سيتي أهم الفرق
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2021.12.07 05:45 SOSkkb beauty

Worth to watch along with Peers like MVIS LAZR VLDR WIMI HOLOGRAM 3D Pulsed Laser Patent Becomes New Focus of Unmanned Driving and Helps Improve the Holographic Application Experience of Electric Vehicles MobiusTrend Wed
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2021.12.07 05:45 LOTHMT [English->Japanese] Translation i wanna have to cheer a friend up

Heres the thing i wanna say to her in japanese "I really appreciate you, youre amazing, youre a nice person who has the same humor as I do, youre a person that i admire. Youre really awesome. I like you"
As for the context between us:
We met at the start of last week in Valorant, we have immediatly started chatting after playing together for a bit. I like her a lot but not in a way as a relationship, i just wanna stay her friend and comfort her in her hard times with her family.
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2021.12.07 05:45 Altruistic_Box4462 Anyone else unable to login?

I just used bitwarden last night, and I know my password is correct. I have 0 emails from bitwarden or new logins in the past few months and I use 2FA. I'm certain my password isn't wrong, I saw a post from a few days ago having the same issue... anyone else?
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2021.12.07 05:45 rezerwen who would you like to comeback for a new season?

vote dawn or laurie lol
View Poll
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2021.12.07 05:45 IronDazzling9609 Last 3 cards needed

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2021.12.07 05:45 reesapizza Stubborn conch piercing :(

Hi! So I had my conch pierced around 5 months ago with internally threaded titanium and it’s been super problematic since.
I got a bump one month in and went to another “reputable” piercer who installed no pull discs and gave me a longer bar which they said was titanium and I was told to do diy sea salt soaks. The bump went away for a while and then I got these huge bloody bumps on both sides of my piercing. And because it was so hard to keep the piercing clean and dry under the discs they got infected too.
I went to a new piercer and found out that I had been wearing externally threaded jewelry this whole time!! They swapped it out to internally threaded implant grade titanium and it’s been fine for a month now but today I woke up with a new bump after accidentally sleeping on it.
Any advice on what to do :( I’ve been so sad that the healing process has been so difficult
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2021.12.07 05:45 GamerGrl90 Can someone be a daddy's girl, but with daddy issues or momma's boy with mommy issues?

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2021.12.07 05:45 Racecat12 Started a race with 2021 F2 cars at Bahrain and I saw this on Red Bull’s pitbox, Codies didn’t update their logo for pit lane. Also I didn’t know which flair would fit, so I apologize if the flair counts as misleading.

Started a race with 2021 F2 cars at Bahrain and I saw this on Red Bull’s pitbox, Codies didn’t update their logo for pit lane. Also I didn’t know which flair would fit, so I apologize if the flair counts as misleading. submitted by Racecat12 to F1Game [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 05:45 Darth_Zounds What is the most reasonable reason someone was let go from a job?

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2021.12.07 05:45 lighthousehorizon This is embarrassing.. But did I get stood up?

Hello Everyone ! I’ve been out of the dating/relationship scene for a very long time so please be gentle with me 😭😭 I’ve (32f) been talking to my crush 32(m) at a snails pace because I’ve been backpacking and traveling a lot. I’m also moving 8 hours away and I’m generally never home, which is why I’ve been trying to become friends and get to know him, hence “crush”. I had a very small time gap when I was visiting his area and asked what he was up to later that evening because my ride back home (8hrs away) had plans to hangout with some girl. He was really excited I asked to see him, however he had work and then a work party until 10/11pm and I told him I was fine with that since I could only stay out for about an hour or two, but two would really be pushing it because I had an 8hr drive the next day. I believe work is very important and I told him we could see each other another time since it was last minute and I really wanted him to just enjoy his time and not have to worry about seeing me after when I’m just popping out of the blue and I have a very tight schedule. He insisted that it should be fine and that he really wanted to see me and that he would keep me posted. Again I just had a weird feeling that he was pushing himself and I put it out there that we really didn’t have to see each other and if we didn’t see each other I was totally fine with that again he insisted he would just keep me posted. Couple hours past five throughout the night I’m already doing my own thing and I’m not a very big Texter so I didn’t mind he didn’t keep me posted. But 11 PM came by and I get a text from him saying he arrived safe at home and I was really confused by that because it’s not like we talked on the phone. The whole exchange of texts were so strange and I just let it go because I didn’t want to get worked up and I didn’t even know if I had anything to be worked up over. The following morning he apologize for things not working out and hoping that I would have a safe drive home.. So that’s the story lol. Now that I’ve had time to myself to understand what happened I’m like did I get stood up? Idk how I should go about this. Any advice?
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2021.12.07 05:45 112_Beige_211 How to have good communication skills?

I grew up as a shy kid and wasn't allowed to go outside without my parents' guidance and permission, which made me less social (not being able to see other people than for my family). I've encountered a lot of individuals mocking and shaming my social skills, shyness, and introversion. These are some of the factors on my I have a hard time to voicing out my concerns and opinions.
Right now, I'm trying to boost my confidence so it would be much easier for me to communicate with other people in my future career, to be good at expressing my thoughts, and for me to build a healthy relationship with other people.
Let me know your thoughts on the comment section. I need some advices to that could help me become more open. Thank you.
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2021.12.07 05:45 Queenlicka420 Guy im texting is flirting hard

Asking all these questions digging around the pit trying to not be creepy even tho its freaking me out I don’t like it help
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2021.12.07 05:45 songs-of-no-one THEY TOOK ARE FREEDUMB... BERH DERP BERH DOOO !!! A few thoughts on covid.

I feel like people need a reminding... the only reason I can think of for the right to of claimed that covid was a hoax at the beginning of the pandemic. Is because the rich could not get richer as it would of stopped production. Which is why anti vax is more prevalent in America the capitalist capital. Well until the virus started killing their costumers and fan fan base. Picking money over lives. Similar reason why global warming is a myth to the right is because they will no longer be able to make money off the very things that is polluting the planet.
Seems like people are finding it hard to realize that we are in the middle of a global catastrophe. Notice how I put "global" as it's not just a singular situation. It's not just the country you live in that's effected. It's everywhere and everyone on this planet. All this moaning about how your freedoms are being taken away or that wearing some fabric on your face is worse then death. I'm finding this irrationality quite irritating and is lowering the intelligence of this sub. We should be complaining for the governments to stop making it political by iverting the facts and listen to the experts.
Stop complaining like a obese diabetic that can't have it's cake and eat it anymore and take your insulin. Follow what you have been prescribed and hopfuly the diabetes will get better.
Or dont this whole situation is somewhat self correcting anyway.
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2021.12.07 05:45 Aggressive-Celery-90 What does a prosecutor call two crows?

Attempted murder.
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2021.12.07 05:45 crematoriuMshudd-e Arigameplays pretty like a doll showing off her big breasts... big!!!

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2021.12.07 05:45 renatourbano645 Export my Subs to other Reddit Account

Hello, i have this account, but a created a brand account.
Is a Influence project, to interact to my subscribers.
I want delete this one, but before, backup all my subreddits and join in the new account.
Tried a Tutorial, using the old reddit, does'nt work.
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2021.12.07 05:45 rand0mTriangle Adventure time Bucket hat i ve sewed and embroidered for a friend!

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2021.12.07 05:45 DripDroppa Post MOASS of your friends, family, and colleagues that wouldn’t LISTEN! Sorry not sorry, I tried to tell ya!

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2021.12.07 05:45 zLiraK Fortnite performance mode

I have started to play fortnite again after 1year when I put performance mode my game doesn’t render and it feels delayed my pc it not that bad I get like 120fps without performance mode on does anyone know how can I fix that
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2021.12.07 05:45 RedHeadedKoi The Technological Singularity ~ Easy to try! Keep computing and it ☼BLOOMS☼!

The Singularity.
r + a + v + i backwards.
~ ravi and friends, Shining
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2021.12.07 05:45 xoek Does anyone have a NovelAi Star wars Old Republic Era(Legends) scenario?

I'm surprised I haven't seen one floating around the prompt sites or on the discord. I'd make my own but I'm still learning how to use novelai and I'm not confident in my storytelling abilities yet, I've only really used Novelai in its text adventure form so far
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2021.12.07 05:45 PersimmonCertain4256 Black keys and augments

Nightmare mode help Need keys black keys😂
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