Reggaeton beat

2021.10.19 12:03 Prince_Beats Reggaeton beat

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2021.10.19 12:03 NewsElfForEnterprise ‘We will not return to work’: Striking Saint Vincent Hospital nurses respond to CEO’s open letter, call for guarantee of old jobs

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2021.10.19 12:03 wilder666666 Episode 6 season 1 cringe city

Just started watching house of cards few days ago, i loved it so far but yesterday i watched episode 6 of season 1 and man oh man, the cringe in that vowel game , i didn't see that one coming miles away. It gave a very bad look on underwood, i don't understand why the writer wanted that shit to happen, it was so pointless and dumb and cring
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2021.10.19 12:03 AKArein what the hell ?

So my school has toilets. Shocking I know.
And according to some, there are 2 that are gendered. They do not differ in any way. There is no indication on the doors or anything else.
I'm just wondering how the hell they came to this idea
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2021.10.19 12:03 Comprehensive-Cut531 Help me find this video!

Gordon is running some kind of class and a woman keeps interrupting him asking him questions like when his birthday is,, plllssss help me findddd lmao
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2021.10.19 12:03 Alixion0605 notify me

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2021.10.19 12:03 Run_Ashamed which T stigma is better for her ?

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2021.10.19 12:03 SidewayzSlammed I’m becoming a katana abuser income the threats

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2021.10.19 12:03 123person42069 I did a 6 second faster lap than ai (that was 70% ai and i am very bad at the game)

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2021.10.19 12:03 mmouse7 Clueless at Disney Planning

My best friend and I are in the beginning process of planning a trip to Disney for 2022. I went as a child once, and haven’t been back since, so I am pretty clueless as to what the average cost is these days. We will be flying in from Toronto. Does $4000 USD combined sound like a reasonable budget for 5 days, all 4 parks, and a stay at one of the resorts?

  1. Which park would be the best to spend half a day on?
  2. When is your favourite time to go during the year?
  3. What is your favourite resort and why?
I have started to contact some Disney travel agents, but any advice or suggestions are appreciated as this feels incredibly overwhelming!
Thanks 😄
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2021.10.19 12:03 Adept_Bass9491 Price Reactions With new exchanges Listing and Distributing SGB

Hey Everybody, for me it is the First Time With an AirDrop. I Got my SGB and bought a Couple More, so currently im sitting on 25k songbirds. My question is, how do the prices react when other exchanges Start giving out sgb and Start Trading. Will prices Shoot up or dramatically drop. Does Anyone have experience With such Situations, That are comparable? Thank you very much in advance.
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2021.10.19 12:03 zefdota Anyone know how to get EHomeAffairs to work?

So I've been trying for the last few days to just fill out and submit a form through the EHomeAffairs portal, but I can never get past this screen.
I filled out the form two days ago but when I clicked submit I got an error saying 'Form not submitted', so instead I saved the form but now it won't load up again when I log back in. I've tried Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox and I've refreshed over and over and still no luck. Anyone know a trick to get it working? I would like to renew both my passport and ID; can I just go into my local FNB branch without having filled out the forms online and hope they let me in?
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2021.10.19 12:03 Latest_defence Indian Defence News: Marine Rafale for Indian Navy, Tejas For Argentina,...

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2021.10.19 12:03 GiniMonsterZ Wasn’t awarded Exotic Cipher after xenology turn in.

I did not receive a exotic cipher after turning in the xenology quest to xur, my inventory was full at the time. I have checked my postmaster an it isn’t there either. Checked vault, nada. Check the monument of light an it says I don’t have a exotic cipher. I did not have a cipher prior to turning it in.
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2021.10.19 12:03 SnooWalruses5784 Sunset

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2021.10.19 12:03 sihpo ,

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2021.10.19 12:03 whats_on_netflix When will Season 4 of 'The Sinner' be on Netflix?

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2021.10.19 12:03 ankoftheA MP511 vs MM350 Pro

Hey there! I am currently in the market for my first mousepad, in cloth/hybrid XL varieties. The two listed above are available for me at similar prices in my region and I am split between them, so I would like to know: Which is the better buy?
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2021.10.19 12:03 definite002 Yumm yum

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2021.10.19 12:03 DrLawyerPI Bones like steel

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2021.10.19 12:03 Art-is-a-curse New shoes, faux leather. Possible to reduce crease? Don’t want to ruin the chameleon finish. Also how to protect?

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2021.10.19 12:03 SierraHR1 Soo... what's in your fridge?

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2021.10.19 12:03 PelotonMod Hall of Legends near end-of-season reminder & update

We are sure that many of you remember our announcement earlier this year about the new peloton Hall of Legends and have been waiting anxiously for an update or more information. With the World Tour season coming to a close this upcoming weekend with the Ronde van Drenthe we are getting close to the moment you've all been waiting for! This update is focused on the plan and schedule, rather than the details from the announcement post, so please click through the link above if you'd like to read the full announcement.
Here is how we hope that this will work:
End of Season
This coming weekend brings the end of World Tour season and thus the opportunity for us to finalize all of the peloton fantasy game results, assign flairs, etc. Hopefully by the end of October these will be announced and we can all celebrate the winners!
Voter Registration
After this we will open a post where users can apply to vote for the Hall of Legends. A top level comment with which branch of the Hall (male and/or female) you are applying to vote for and which criteria you are claiming should be enough (a reminder that up until now we have only received the nominations from the /pelotonalcoholics mods, so please check the qualifying methods in the announcement post and if you believe you may be able to qualify via nomination please begin to pester the relevant mods!). You can check whether you qualified as a men's Hall voter via RFL in the list at the bottom of the final RFL update. We hope that registration will begin at approximately the end of October and will close after the first week of November.
Throughout this process we will likely post a discussion thread, maybe more than one, so that everyone can brainstorm, campaign, collude, or whatever we'd like about who deserves our votes for Hall of Legend membership. We are not assigning any particular criteria so it is really up to the community which riders are "Legends", and we imagine there may be some controversial names out there.
We are currently planning to ask voters to submit their lists to PelotonMod via direct message (NOT chat), so that the voters can feel free to vote for whom they wish without community pressure. We will also open a voting thread so that users can feel free to post their ballots and continue the discussion from the discussion thread(s) should they wish! We plan on leaving the voting open for a while so that people have time to mull things over and to engage with all of the discussion from the community. Let's have a rough estimate of the end of November for conclusion of voting.
Results and Enshrinement
Tallying the votes may take us some time as we have not done this before and it may be somewhat chaotic. We will do our best to get the results of the voting returned as soon as possible and we will announce the first class and update the wiki to reflect this new class and highlight this in the sidebar! We will also share a list of the retired riders who are eligible for future ballots (remember: if a rider does not appear on at least one ballot they will no longer be eligible) and then begin discussion among the "Old Timers" committee as to whether we would like to enshrine any riders who were overlooked and have fallen off the ballot. A subsequent update will reveal our decision but the timing of this is TBD.
The Future of the Hall of Legends
After registering to vote, discussing, voting, and enshrining our inaugural class we will begin to think about next season and what worked and what we can tweak to improve the process. As we mentioned in the announcement post, we hope that this will be an annual event and that it can be a reward for being an active member of the community via participation in fantasy games, thought contributing OC, through receiving an end of year award, etc. Throughout the year we will also request short biographies, stories, or other content from the community for the pages of the wiki for the new members of the Hall of Legends. So if you are passionate about a particular rider be sure to campaign for them in the discussion threads and begin to think about how you might want to contribute to their wiki entry!
Questions? Concerns?
Is this more complex than necessary? Probably! But we hope that between the announcement post, and this update, the general idea should be clear enough. Please send us questions or post a comment here and we will do our best to respond! There also may be things that we have overlooked or issues that you can foresee and we would be happy to hear about those now rather than when it is too late. As always, be kind to each other and don't forget to fill out your WWT RFL for the last remaining WT race of the season!
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2021.10.19 12:03 Ricky_b0i Me with all the Su1d1d3 Mouse reskins be like:

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2021.10.19 12:03 deep_ai Why Lottery Ticket Wins? A Theoretical Perspective of Sample Complexity on Pruned Neural Networks by Shuai Zhang et al.

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