Problem defending using CDMs

The using statement allows you to specify which namespaces are used in the session. Adding namespaces simplifies usage of .NET classes and member and allows you to import classes from script modules and assemblies. The using statements must come before any other statements in a script or module. No uncommented statement can precede it ... using-directives for namespaces and using-declarations for namespace members using-declarations for class members using-enum-declarations for enumerators (since C++20) type alias and alias template declaration (since C++11) Sometimes both "using" and "by using" seem to have the same meaning. Am I wrong? For example, compare the sentences below: "On-screen keyboards allow people with mobility impairments to type data using a joystick or a pointing device." "On-screen keyboards allow people with mobility impairments to type data by using a joystick or a pointing ... 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2021.10.19 10:18 icardifan Problem defending using CDMs

I'm using the 4-2-3-1 (2) formation with Locatelli and Tchouameni as CDM. Instructions are cover center, stay behind.
Whenever I use one of them to defend in the centre the same thing always happen. Their attackers have more pace and they go a bit wide from my CDM and run between my CB and RB/LB, while they just stand still watching. My De Ligt and Denayer just freezes completely when it happens. Then they run past them and score. Any tips?
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2021.10.19 10:18 Christian-INDia My anger went to peaks today

My mom is slow at doing household works, She keeps everything on floor and gives less space to move..
Today i went to pick a drink from fridge.. theres a bowl of heated oil on floor.. i was about to step into.. thank God..I slipped down 2 inches away from it.
I clean whole kitchen few days once and gave her space of 9 empty shelves to use..
She keeps unnecessary in shelves and necessary on floor...
I accepted her slowness and being patient every day. Im tired of being patient..since 20+yrs
Im running out of ides how Jesus would handle this situation..
Eveytime i get anger over the same issue since many years, i pray to God and forgive her... and asked God to bless her with wisdom.
I'm Tired to greater extent..
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2021.10.19 10:18 ZoolShop ‘The tent was completely open’: mother of Cleo Smith speaks of her disappearance from WA campsite | Australia news

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hi opening my island for a bit while Lopez crafts a spooky scarecrow! DM me for the dodo!
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2021.10.19 10:18 Hackstab For piggy meme review intro

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2021.10.19 10:18 EM564 Enjoy workout out more.

Anyone else experience a lot of satisfaction from working out. I’ve trained at the gym for about 5 years but enjoying it the most I ever have right now.
Working out on Prozac is something else, I strive to do better each time and my physique is probably at its best it’s ever been right now.
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2021.10.19 10:18 hyufss Got splashed so bad by a passing car this morning that it drenched my whole body including my face and hair. I feel pure hatred.

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2021.10.19 10:18 BrostFyte Excited to join this sub and start a career change!

Definitely going to start the move towards IT. I'm about to turn 30 years old - Realistically, am I too late to the game?
Not that it would be bad if so, but I'm definitely computer literate. Going to start off with ITF+ if I'm reading this random online chart correctly. I've built many computers before, and set up the basic home internet/wifi many times.
Also, realistically as well; At what certificate should I be able to land a job producing 40k+ per year? I'm just under 40k per year without overtime. So I'm going to wait until I can land something around 50k without overtime before I make the career switch.
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2021.10.19 10:18 RSocksnet Web Scraping with Python

Web Scraping with Python How to web scrape with python? It’s a question that many beginners have. At the entry level, the process is quite simple, and anyone can quickly get their project off the ground. However, to successfully work on such a task, you should not forget about many aspects, which are not easy to understand at once.
In the first section of this article, we describe the simple steps for creating your scraping bot. You can easily use these approaches for your project. It requires slight improvements to adapt it to your case. In addition, in the second section, you can find additional tips to extend functionality and maximize the optimization of scraping.
What is scraping?
Scraping is the process of extracting data from certain publicly accessible web pages. GET-request is used to obtain data from the servers of the target resource through a browser or its emulator. The elements that contain the required information are selected from the resulting HTML page. This step is called parsing of web pages. The resulting target data is stored in a database or file system.
The following sections briefly review all three stages of scraping: requesting a target resource, data parsing, and storing results in the file system.
Scraping bot in Python: the beginning
As the first step to your bot, we recommend creating a new project in one of the popular IDEs. To work with Python, you can use VS Code, PyCharm, Jupyter, Spider, or other similar solutions. The examples below use the Python 3.8 interpreter. If you plan to work on this project regularly, we recommend creating a git repository for it right away.
When the project is created, create, and run a virtual environment. It is necessary because we will be working with many external libraries. A detailed guide on how to use the virtual environment you can find in the python documentation:
Installing additional libraries It is enough to install three external libraries for the basic examples from the first part of this article to work. Install via pip in the running virtual environment:
 $ pip install BeautifulSoup4 pandas selenium 
Selenium will be used for browser automation and sending HTTP requests. BeautifulSoup is the most powerful library for parsing HTML pages, helps to choose the required elements. Pandas is used to write data to a file.
If you want to try all the examples given in the article, we advise you to install the whole set of used requirements at once. To do this, create a requirements.txt file in the project directory and save all the requirements below:
 beautifulsoup4==4.9.3 blinker==1.4 certifi==2020.12.5 cffi==1.14.5 chardet==4.0.0 cryptography==3.4.7 et-xmlfile==1.1.0 gevent==21.1.2 greenlet==1.1.0 grequests==0.6.0 h11==0.12.0 h2==4.0.0 hpack==4.0.0 hyperframe==6.0.1 idna==2.10 kaitaistruct==0.9 lxml==4.6.3 MechanicalSoup==1.0.0 numpy==1.20.3 openpyxl==3.0.7 pandas==1.2.4 pyasn1==0.4.8 pycparser==2.20 pydivert==2.1.0 pyOpenSSL==20.0.1 pyparsing==2.4.7 PySocks==1.7.1 python-dateutil==2.8.1 pytz==2021.1 requests==2.25.1 selenium==3.141.0 selenium-wire==4.3.0 six==1.16.0 soupsieve==2.2.1 urllib3==1.26.4 wsproto==1.0.0 zope.event==4.5.0zope.interface==5.4.0 
To install them, issue a command:
$ pip install -r requirements.txt 
After an installation, you can start working; all the code samples will work correctly.
WebDriver for a browser
This time we will use the Selenium library to retrieve data from web pages. It allows you to run the standard browser and manage it automatically. Although headless browsers are designed for large-scale data scraping tasks, at the first stage of development, it is more convenient to use regular browsers. In our examples, we use Chrome. That said, the Firefox experience is not much different.
To control your browser with Python, you need to install a webdriver and put it into a local folder of your PC. You can download it for Chrome here.
Find the suitable driver version for your operating system, install it, and unzip it. After that, put the web driver in a folder that you can easily access from the Python project.
Python + Chrome: extracting data from a website
Now it’s time to use a recently downloaded web driver and run the browser in Python. Let’s start by importing the selenium library:
 from selenium import webdriver 
Then create a driver object for Chrome:
 browser = webdriver.Chrome( executable_path='c://path/to/youchromedriver.exe' 
The browser needs to provide a link or set of links to sites that will open on command from the python app. Declare a list that will contain the destination URLs database:
 urls = [ '', '', '', ... ] 
To open each of these pages in turn, we loop through the URLs array, make a GET request to each page, and close the browser window after the last request. As a result, the python executable file will look like this:
 from selenium import webdriver browser = webdriver.Chrome( executable_path='c://path/to/youchromedriver.exe' ) urls = [ '', '', '', ... ] for url in urls: browser.get(url) browser.quit() 
After startup, the browser window should open, in which all the pages of the list will be sequentially loaded. If it did, the code works as intended, and you can move on to the next step.
Parsing data with BeautifulSoup
The pages loaded successfully in the browser, but we have not extracted any data from them. We will do this with one of the most popular parsing libraries — BeautifulSoup. In this section, we will try to use it to extract titles and headers from web pages.
We start by importing the module and creating empty lists to store the target data:
 from bs4 import BeautifulSoup titles = [] headers = [] 
Next, let’s modify the page request process by storing its content in the ‘content’ variable and processing it with the built-in HTML parser from BeautifulSoup:
 browser.get(url) content = browser.page_source soup = BeautifulSoup(content, features='html.parser' 
Now store the individual elements of the page in the variables and add them to the prepared lists if they are not already contained:
 title = soup.find('title').text header = soup.find('h1').text if title not in titles: titles.append(str(title)) if header not in headers: headers.append(str(header)) 
To make sure that the data was extracted correctly, output it to the console:
 print(titles) print(headers) 
Great! The page is requested, the required data is extracted, but with a large amount of information it needs to be stored in a convenient format.
Popular modules in Python allow you to save information in databases in various file formats: TXT, CSV, XLSX, RTF, etc. We will use one of the most famous big data libraries — Pandas.
Exporting data with Pandas
The Pandas library offers data structures for easy and efficient dealing with a vast array of diverse information. In our case, we will use the DataFrame data type and store the resulting lists with headers.
You can store arrays, lists, dictionaries, and other similar objects in DataFrame. Import the Pandas module and save the dictionary with the results of page parsing:
 import pandas as pd df = pd.DataFrame( { 'Title': titles, 'Headers': headers, } ) 
You can use the broad functionality provided by Pandas for further data processing. Let’s use it to export it to an Excel file:
 df.to_excel('titles.xlsx', sheet_name="Sheet1") 
The final code looks like this:
 from selenium import webdriver from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import pandas as pd browser = webdriver.Chrome( executable_path='c://path/to/youchromedriver.exe' ) titles = [] headers = [] urls = [ '', '', '', ... ] for url in urls: browser.get(url) content = browser.page_source soup = BeautifulSoup(content, features='html.parser') title = soup.find('title').text header = soup.find('h1').text if title not in titles: titles.append(str(title)) if header not in headers: headers.append(str(header)) df = pd.DataFrame( { 'Title': titles, 'Headers': headers, } ) df.to_excel('titles.xlsx', sheet_name="Sheet1") browser.quit() 
As a result of the program’s work, an Excel file will appear in the working directory with the scraping results. Congratulations! We have implemented simple web scraping in Python!
Scraping Bot in Python: Part II The examples reviewed above are great for understanding how scrap bots work, but it takes continuous tweaking and improvement to accomplish tasks fully. Below we add a few more features to improve scraping in Python.
Requests through proxy server If you make a lot of requests to the same web resource, you might face access restriction issues. A lot of services do their best to restrict scraping bots usage. Most often they do that by tracking your IP. If all the requests to your target service will come from the same IP, you can temporarily get blocked from particular pages or get your requests limit restricted.
Proxy servers might help with performing requests from different IP-addresses. Working through a proxy can help get around requests limit as every request will be coming from a proxy IP which can be anywhere around the world.
Let’s set up a request using a proxy in Selenium. It’s enough to add several parameters to an already used web-driver.
To connect to a proxy you’ll need its IP and port number. Let’s save them in separate dictionary:
 proxy = { 'address': 'IP:port', 'username': 'proxy_login', 'password': 'proxy_password',} 
Selenium features allow you to connect through proxies that support http/socks protocols and different authorization types. In examples below we use socks5 connection with IP authorization and http with username/password access.
The simplest way to use a proxy in Selenium is with IP authorization or without any authorization at all. In this case browser won’t have to surpass a username and password to access your proxy. To work with such a proxy you’ll just need to add a few more options to the previous example.
In order to make the browser work with a proxy you’ll just need to set it up in its parameters. For that Selenium has separate class Options. Let’s import it and create an object to set the parameters of browser we’re launching:
 from import Options options = Options() 
To configure some particular settings you can use the add_argument method. Let’s use it to set a proxy up:
To check if proxy functions properly let’s open a site which indicates visitor’s IP. Executive file will look like that:
 from selenium import webdriver from import Options proxy = { 'address': 'IP:port', 'username': 'proxy_login', 'password': 'proxy_password', } options = Options() options.add_argument(f'--proxy-server=socks5://{proxy["address"]}') chrome = webdriver.Chrome( executable_path='c://path/to/youchromedriver.exe', options=options ) chrome.get('') 
Browser should open an IP indication page. If connection is successful, the address on the page will match with the external IP of your proxy.
When you use a proxy with username and password authorization, the approach is slightly different. Before your browser is launched, it generates an extension which sets a proxy up.
The extension for Chrome consists of manifest.json file which describes main authorization parameters and executable JavaScript file which stores extension functionality itself. Both of the created files are added to ZIP-archive. These operations can be performed manually but you can also automate it with Python.
To create files and archive them with Python let’s use the zipfile internal module. Then we need to create separate executable file and write following instructions inside:
 import zipfile manifest_json = """ { "version": "1.0.0", "manifest_version": 2, "name": "Chrome Proxy", "permissions": [ "proxy", "tabs", "unlimitedStorage", "storage", "", "webRequest", "webRequestBlocking" ], "background": { "scripts": ["background.js"] }, 
"minimum_chrome_version":"22.0.0" } """ background_js = """ var config = { mode: "fixed_servers", rules: { singleProxy: { scheme: "http", host: "%s", port: parseInt(%s) }, bypassList: ["localhost"] } }; chrome.proxy.settings.set({value: config, scope: "regular"}, function() {}); function callbackFn(details) { return { authCredentials: { username: "%s", password: "%s" } }; } chrome.webRequest.onAuthRequired.addListener( callbackFn, {urls: [""]}, ['blocking'] ); """ % ('proxy_IP', 'proxy_port', 'username', 'password') plugin_file = '' with zipfile.ZipFile(plugin_file, 'w') as zp: zp.writestr("manifest.json", manifest_json) zp.writestr("background.js", background_js)
After executing this file you’ll see the archive in the working directory with the desired extension.
To launch browser with created extension same method is used: creating Options object and adding new arguments to it:
 from selenium import webdriver from import Options options = Options() options.add_argument( '--load-extension=c://path/to/youproxy_auth_plugin' ) chrome = webdriver.Chrome( executable_path='c://path/to/youchromedriver.exe', options=options ) chrome.get('') 
This method allows using http-proxy with username and password authorization.
How do I choose proxies which fit scraping? Fast and successful data collection from the target resource can be implemented when you choose proxies separately for each task. Proxy market offers a big range of package configurations. For a conscious choice of fitting offer you need to understand basic characteristics by which various options that you can buy differ most often.
The most comfortable way to divide proxies will be the type of device that it’s used on. To be completely precise, the important thing is how this device goes into the Web, which defines its IP. By this indicator proxies are divided into mobile, residential and server ones. All of these types can be used for data scraping but convenience of using each of them is restricted by technical nuances of the task and planned budget.
Mobile proxies receive their IP-addresses from real mobile operators. Mobile network users have quite a high trust level even from the side of such demanding services as Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and so on. This feature is used when working with mobile proxies giving you an opportunity to work with any service and collect any data with ease.
This type of proxies have its disadvantages. The biggest of them is the high cost of mobile traffic. That’s the reason why mobile proxies price is higher than residential or server analogues. Another drawback is the low speed of mobile internet compared to the wired one. It affects mobile proxies as well, they are far from being data transmission record holders.
On RSocks you can find a huge variety of mobile proxies from 22 countries from all around the globe. The big advantage of our proxies is unlimited traffic which makes your work way easier as you no longer have to consider how much traffic you have left.
Residential proxies work on a device connected to the Web through usual Internet services providers. That’s why their IPs don’t differ from the average client working on a PC. It allows proxy to keep high performance because the speed of home Internet connection is quite high in the majority of countries.
Anonymity and high trust level these proxies have from the side of target resources are enough for performing most of data scraping tasks. The advantage of this proxy type compared to mobile solutions is relatively low price, which gives you an opportunity to purchase a larger pool for your work.
The biggest flaw which can make it hard to work with residential proxies is high dependence of their characteristics on package’s quality. In case of using free or budget residential proxies, connection speed, ping and uptime of proxies inside sometimes can be lower than expected. In this case the package will only fit a small data volume simultaneously transferred through a proxy.
Good solution when choosing residential proxies will be one of World Mix packages( Buying it you receive a list of 20 000 - 120 000 residential SOCKS5/SOCKS4/HTTP proxies which rotate by up to 30% every two hours. Geolocation of IP-addresses is mixed, there are countries from every continent.
If there’s no need for unlimited traffic, the best decision will be using Exclusive ( There you will find a tremendous pool of the most quality proxies with a 15 minutes rotation period. Package’s size is 50 000 IP.
Datа Center proxies are held on the servers which belong to hosting services are held on the servers which belong to hosting services. That’s the reason why IPs of such proxies are static and it significantly decreases their scraping abilities. However, if the target resource is known for its loyalty to any visitors and you are not planning to send too many requests, server proxies might give you good results as well.
The advantages which favorably distinguish server packages from the rest are their speed and stability of connection. Their speed can reach 100 and even 1000 Mbit/s in some rare cases. In combination with unlimited traffic it shows complete excellence with careful scraping and low risks of IPs getting blocked.
We have more than 25 000 server proxies from 14 countries. Minimal size of a package - 1000 IP. For all of our offers we grant up to 99% uptime and stable connection speed. For proxies of the USA, Russia and Germany you can pick a particular city. Prices for these packages start from 9$.
How can I make scraping more effective? Presented approaches can only be used for full-fledged data collection from target resources with improvements. There are few more advices down below which can help you move to full-scale web-scraping:
  • Collect the data of same type using cycles to receive arrays of the same length;
  • Request several pages in advance. There are plenty of methods to realize this feature. The simplest one is collecting lists and sending requests using a cycle;
  • Collect dissimilar data in different arrays of the same length. This way it will be easier to save them as files. Data scraping in different formats is quite an often thing in commercial tasks;
  • After you make sure your scraping bot is functioning properly, you can stop using a real browser to send requests. It’s way more effective to launch browser without graphic interface which will significantly save your time;
  • Use scraping templates that imitate real visitors' behaviour. You can use additional libraries to achieve it. For example, creating artificial pauses between opening pages or moving down the page imitating scrolling;
  • Connect target pages monitoring to your bot. Some pages’ data can change from time to time or depending on the visitor's status. Periodic visits to pages grant you receiving actual data;
  • Makes web-pages requests more effective with the Requests library. It’s one of the most popular Python tools for network protocols work. You can configure plenty of additional parameters without any significant bot complication. To work in multithreaded mode you can use gRequests library;
  • Use a proxy of a country or a city which fits best for the target resource. It will help you avoid plenty of regional network restrictions.
Congratulations! Work on the scraping bot is completed! Keep developing your projects and use high quality proxies!
If you want to sum up all the information given, you can take a look at the guide: (
Do you have any questions left? Look for an answer here! How do I launch scraping bot in multithreaded mode? The simplest way which fits best for beginners is the grequests library. It allows performing simple operations in multithreaded mode without paying attention to technical nuances related to threads implementation.
How do I work with forms on the target page? Convenient and effective tool for web resources interactions is the MechanicalSoup library. Using it you can login into accounts, access search bar and fill out any other possible forms opening more opportunities for parsing.
Which Python tools can also be used for parsing? There are many Python tools developed for effective parsing. Interesting solutions are full-fledged frameworks which allow to run the whole cycle of operations to collect data from the Web. Scrapy and PySpider can be highlighted among the others. Try using tutorials to begin your work with them: (
How to pick the best proxies for my project? On RSocks you can request a trial of any package you’d like. All you need is to contact our technical support, our specialists will help you find the best solution for your tasks.
How much are proxies for scraping? We offer a wide range of packages which fit perfectly for collecting data from the Web. Prices for residential packages start from $1, mobile from $3, data center from $9.
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🔁 2% MiniBNB redistribution

📰 2% to Marketing

🔒Liquidity will be Locked

📑 Certik & Techrate Audits Incoming

📍 No staking, HODL to earn 💰

🚀 100x potential

✅ How will the team increase the tokens value ?

▪️The team will do explosive marketing. Lots of promotions like Poocoin Ads and promotions with huge influencers. With a clear end goal of reaching a 1B market cap within the first couple of months after launch.

Contract : 0xc5f8ba43978e1970355dde9e3655e84633e43b2d

Buy :


🗳 Telegram :

💻 Website : ( COMING SOON )
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