2021.10.19 10:11 DankuBot meirl

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2021.10.19 10:11 NotMeUmikoung Grian losing a-heart

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2021.10.19 10:11 LaOpinion Komandirskie, HELP

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2021.10.19 10:11 0ajs0jas Help Question 37 Practice paper 9 (with calc)

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2021.10.19 10:11 yuezk How to depend on another flatpak app as the runtime dependency?

Let's say I have an app called `service` which provides a D-Bus service (the service name is ``), and another GUI app called `client` which will call the D-Bus service provided by the `service` app. The desktop name of the GUI client is ``.
For this case, the `app-id` of the manifest file should be ``. Since the client also depends on the D-Bus service (``), I need to add the service module to provide the D-Bus service. But according to the documentation, the D-Bus service name must be the same as the `app-id`), and I don't want to change the `app-id` from `` to `` because it will make the app-id misleading.
I thought is it feasible to provide the `service` as a separate flatpak app (e.g., a flatpak with app-id ``) and depends on it in the `client` flatpak?
Or are there any alternative ways to handle this scenario?
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2021.10.19 10:11 Medium_Journalist540 Need someone to sleep on her 🥵🤤🤤

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2021.10.19 10:11 GreatBeefBowl 衆院選「自民vs野党」ここが激戦61選挙区! 岸田内閣失速で自民に焦り、野党共闘の威力随所に → 焦りは支持率下降トレンドに陥っていること、さらに原油高騰と新型コロナウイルス第6波

衆院選「自民vs野党」ここが激戦61選挙区! 岸田内閣失速で自民に焦り、野党共闘の威力随所に → 焦りは支持率下降トレンドに陥っていること、さらに原油高騰と新型コロナウイルス第6波 submitted by GreatBeefBowl to newsokur [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 10:11 kodzius The next dip is incoming... but after this dip.. there is going to be a huge bull run! - believe me

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2021.10.19 10:11 Prestigious-Ad1941 Big Brother Canada 10?

Does anyone here watch Big Brother Canada? Any thoughts for Season 10? Potential returning players? We know it’s not an all stars but I feel it’s a good chance for a season 8 redemption.
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2021.10.19 10:11 ManhuaZ Demon Spirit Seed Manual Chapter 317 - ManhuaZ 🔝

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2021.10.19 10:11 TheLonelyAsian1 Im stuck between choosing Hero or Angelic Buster as my new main.

View Poll
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2021.10.19 10:11 LindaLarsson Fleta Partners with D’CENT, a Cryptocurrency Wallet

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2021.10.19 10:11 Quivain123 Can a Jmod please give us a bit of info when there will be a fix for the client?

as title says , alot of ppl with intel cards cant play on normal mode and compal mode is unplayable due to laggspikes
would appreciate some info about what they doing about it and when there will be a fix
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2021.10.19 10:11 bot_protiv_clickbait Donosimo opširne odgovore Mate Rimca o električnim jahtama, prodanim Conceptima... -

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2021.10.19 10:11 InteractionPlayful19 a7 viewfinder issue

When I switch to the viewfinder on my a7 all I get is black, it seems like the viewfinder screen is busted. The big LCD screen works normally. Has anybody dealt with this? I still have some little hope that someone has a solution out there.
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2021.10.19 10:11 gnarley_quinn Please stop with the constant posts about what the price of X will be

ETH to reach ATH in Q4, BTC will break 100k, SOL set to hit 350, ETH to hit 6k, 8k, …., ETH to hit 10000, BTC could pass 160k mark, SHIB climbs, BTC BTC BTC up up up, ATH, ATH, ATH…
It seems every second post is just a link to some random news article saying a randomly chosen high price for a coin. Typically based on no evidence, and basically just clickbait.
Each post is inevitably followed by twenty different forms of the same sentence containing “Hopium”, ATH and moon.
It’s really hard to learn anything here anymore because you have to wade through a thousand price prediction posts.
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2021.10.19 10:11 electrobuzz Kapote, Kosmo Kint - Misbehave / TOYT127

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2021.10.19 10:11 NotAttractd2RWLizard Poopy meme but I believe in Ralsei Supremacy

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2021.10.19 10:11 Eanist Getting ready to main Sora in Smash

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2021.10.19 10:11 1N3X7R1C481L Superdog.

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2021.10.19 10:11 _number11 Ist das keine Beziehung (online)?

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2021.10.19 10:11 pamcakestack Completely overwhelmed with new job, having multiple breakdowns a week. What do I do?

Hello Reddit.
I started a new job 7 weeks ago in a field I'm completely new in. I had a few transferable skills but it's still a big challenge getting used to everything. It is a job a lot of people would call a dream job. (eg you're into space travel and nasa decides to hire you. it's that level, trust me) however, it's been completely exhausting and overwhelming. The workload has been immense and I'm having a hard time keeping up. A lot of colleagues keep casually mentioning they work overtime all the time. I can see their emails still coming in after work hours and during the weekends. One of them mentioned ''oh yeah haha xyz project had me crying at my desk at 2 am, luckily things are better now'' which shocked me a bit. This normalisation of working overtime is putting a lot of pressure on me. One of the supervisors keeps saying I'm doing a good job, that it's normal to be overwhelmed, it's the project, it's not you etc etc, But it's not helping anymore. I'm having weekly breakdowns and losing sleep over this. I'm having a hard time letting go every day and accepting there are all these unfinished tasks waiting for me the next day. I can't sleep at night because of the stress. What do I do? Did I make a career mistake? Does this mean I am incompetent? I would love to hear some advice on this.
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2021.10.19 10:11 opcoupon 24% off >> $75.99>> Haylou RS3 Smart Watch Banggood Coupon Promo Code - Coupon Codes and Deals |

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2021.10.19 10:11 synysterdax Disappointed in this game

Honestly love the idea behind this game but can’t believe I spent $50 on the Xbox version just to barely get a few matches in a week on competitive play. Servers are a mess, game encourages mashing, and some of the stages cause frame/lag issues. This game was overpriced and not ready for release.
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2021.10.19 10:11 FreeTrillz Mega Gengar - 5464 6797 2727

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