2021.10.19 12:02 Impressive_Web_4188 Question

So I have recently looked into the isochron dating method and thought it was pretty niche. Though I heard that this site AIG made a response saying that diffusion in the isotope matrix can create a false isochron or give bad dates. I know counters to their other attacks on isotope dating but this one is new and I don’t know much about it.
If you want to read it, just click on the thing. They supposedly reference someone who mentioned this. How is this problem dealt with. I summarized the best. Of coarse, this isn’t really a threat since different isochron often corroborat but I mention this issue specifically.
It would really help someone who knew about geology. They discuss an apparent issue.
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2021.10.19 12:02 bitcoinguy147 Simple mineral oil will work or not

I'm new to the immersion cooling.
After many hours of reading, there are a couple options for oil media.
On one hand, there is simple mineral oil which I believe is cheap and readily available.
On the other hand, there is a proprietary coolant fluid e.g. Bitcool which they ofc claim as a better option like lower sulfur.
I want to know if it really matters that much to use just plain mineral oil, or any specification of oil I can purchase off the shelf.
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2021.10.19 12:02 chairbornebg Hurriyet: Турското МВнР привика посланиците на 10 страни заради съвместно изявление

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2021.10.19 12:02 TheJoestarDescendant I think I just did this community a disservice...

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2021.10.19 12:02 _gcorin Which Celebrity/influencer would you like to see a documentary on? If so why?

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2021.10.19 12:02 doubledare-ya i just got a job, how do i cope?

i just got a job after being pushed by my family for months (also this is the third response from 30 jobs i applied to, the two others were rejections) and i am! very nervous about coping.
it’s only 8 hours/week in a sales position but there’s no where to sit at all on shift and with such short hours (likely only 2-4 hour shifts) i don’t know how long, if any, breaks will be. i know that doesn’t sound so bad but standing up for long periods is a real issue for me. i haven’t been able to tell them about my health as i didn’t have a proper interview and my first day is next monday. i want to tell them i struggle standing up but i don’t wanna seem pathetic as it’s only a couple hours.
this is my first job out of college and i just wanted to ask you, how do you cope? is there anything to make it easier?
if it helps i Do have a walking stick and whilst there’s a strict dresscode i think i can get away with wearing vans (they are the best shoes for me to be wearing for something like this).
any advice/comments are appreciated, thank you all !!
wishing good health days for anyone reading this
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2021.10.19 12:02 WingsOfTheNight Is there a list for the filler episodes of the show, "Arrow"?

It's not like I hate them. It's just that I only get less time in a day and I get exhausted seeing fillers.
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2021.10.19 12:02 Darren-B80 F1 2022 innovations less obvious than double diffusers

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2021.10.19 12:02 chairbornebg REGNUM: България ще оспори решението на Русия за временно ограничаване на доставките на селскостопански фуражи и фуражни добавки

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2021.10.19 12:02 candles4Assange Come in Trieste( Italy )the 23th of October! Big manifestation against green pass! We need you!!!!

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2021.10.19 12:02 naarakoodhimagan People with luxury bikes (wrt like R15, Duke, Enfield etc) and any car should be under Creamy layer

The guys who have bought these kind of bikes and cars, should come under Creamy layer and make way for the poorer person from their caste to shine. For example, In shankar IAS academy, although there are lower castes, almost all of them seems to be from the upper middle class family. government should check their family total asset's value, keep one benchmark (Like owning 600 sqft or rented house) and only those people should avail reservation. By this method, the poorest of poor from their respective quota might come up. Also, this can prevent Benamis, because they might want their son/daughter or themselves to not avail other quota benefits. The Benamis might be unhappy to register land in their family names. If they did, the total family asset value might increase and they will technically come under general quota, where their generations might suffer. We have PAN card and aadhar card now, and for registration we need these. With these technology, the government should find all the people's asset value, make a total net worth slab for unmovable assets and make them the general caste. The politicians has to now depend totally upon familyless Benamis, which is extremely rare.
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2021.10.19 12:02 GalacticDogeV2 Ain't no way boy

This report has got me fucked up. I'm so angry. How is any of this allowed? The buy button was legitimately turned off and no one has been thrown in jail. SI% was over 100% (what we've known for months now), and all we've gotten for it was some horribly written-up summary of events that comes with no solutions and benefits for us who have gotten fucked by this insanely corrupt market. You know, I was hoping for Gary to actually do fucking something, instead, he brings a four-week late dogshit summary that he thinks appeals to us because it confirms our biases. My question is, what comes now? We haven't been guaranteed that it won't happen again, so how do we fix a market so broken that actually benefits retail investors in general. I've been holding my fucking bag for 10 months and I am not getting tired, I am getting angrier by the fucking second. We are talking about the biggest MM having the power to, realistically, shut down buying, and trade on the one side completely. This is the farthest thing from a free market. I can't believe this dumbass report. Fuck you Gary Gensler, you bald-headed raisin.
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2021.10.19 12:02 FluckMelvin If/then chart to estimate the % of the float DRS'd... This time with more colors !

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2021.10.19 12:02 rulesforrebels @binance: #BinanceP2P is 2! Join us later today in a livestream about the latest P2P updates and for the chance to win gift cards. When 📅: October 19, 2:30PM UTC Where📍: #Cheers2BinanceP2P

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2021.10.19 12:02 chairbornebg Докладът на ЕК за напредъка на Косово: Политическата нестабилност и пандемията доведоха до ограничен напредък в изпълнението на реформите

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2021.10.19 12:02 alorsonmeurt Cisn’t (4 slides)

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2021.10.19 12:02 iPlayGamezLol Can anyone give me advice for Job Hunting?

[object Object] icon nottingham u/iPlayGamezLol avatariPlayGamezLol 10h Can anyone give me advice for Job Hunting? I'm currently 26 and I've never been employed and it's something that brings me a lot of shame. I've suffered a fair amount in my life and it's left me with consistently poor mental health which has in turn left me with both a weak body from shutting myself away and severe self esteem issues because of bullying I've received due to my appearance and with no experience and my age I fear that this makes me completely undesirable.
I have a BSc in computer science but have never been great with computers at all and I'm not exactly the brightest. I performed better on the reports rather than the practical. I lost passion in my path early on but because of circumstances I stuck with it.
Can anyone provide any advice for steps to take or even to start with?
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2021.10.19 12:02 Ieatoutjelloshots Princess Cocodrie is always trying to steal my heating pad. Today I turned it sideways so we could share.

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2021.10.19 12:02 thehairypenguin901 Holy fucking shit

I submitted my online homework one minute before the deadline. My hand hurts from writing. I want to drink some chocolate milk now.
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2021.10.19 12:02 Professional-Deal406 What is the most common mistake native speakers make when writing Russian?

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2021.10.19 12:02 chairbornebg Yonhap: Изстреляната от Северна Корея ракета е прелетяла 590 км

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2021.10.19 12:02 cypressinberlin Arena Seems Much Better for My Mental Health than Hearthstone

Played hearthstone pretty seriously 2016-2019, then off and on til the story about them Union busting broke.
After three weeks of Arena, I feel none of the compulsion to grind ranks I did for hearthstone, I want to try out a bunch of cool stuff, and given the wild card system it’s surprisingly more ftp friendly on first impression provided you do some research
Perhaps I’m in the honeymoon phase, perhaps I’m a different person, perhaps it’s just a better game. Regardless, I’m having a blast
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2021.10.19 12:02 thosava New album lyricists

I know LaBrie wrote The Alien and Petrucci wrote Invisible Monster, but is there any info out there for who wrote the rest of the lyrics for the new album?
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2021.10.19 12:02 Darkness_0091 Just finished the hardscape for my first aquascape! Areas for improvement & change?

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2021.10.19 12:02 ViseuNewsBot Aristides de Sousa Mendes recebe hoje honras de Panteão Nacional

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