Ad-block detector issue

2021.10.19 11:42 MS155 Ad-block detector issue

there's that website: I used to visit with Ublock enabled and it used to work flawlesly, until a few days ago when it kinda became aware of the ad-blocker.
I've tried element picker and it made rules like these ones:
my question is: is there a way to make filters with keywords like "wrapper - blackout" that are specific to that website????
Thanks in advance
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2021.10.19 11:42 Historical_Arm_6626 Gastritis and possible sibo. Anyone who’s diagnosed with gastritis and feels might be suffering from sibo . My doctor wants to prescribe Rifaximin. But I am worried that Rifaximin will further damage my gut lining . Any advice on what’s need to be done

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2021.10.19 11:42 Dornfist-2040 Thoughts on Warhawk

I just finished Warhawk after an intensive three day read. I have to say this was a breath of fresh air from the mess that was Mortis but then again, I should not have doubted Chris Wraight due to how well he has fleshed out the White Scars in the Heresy series. I sped through this book almost as fast as the White Scars lol.
Spoilers below with some thoughts on the pros and cons of this solid action-paced book.

Starting with the cons:
The journey of the perpetuals: Throne of Terra. You know that time when a TV series drags a single plot line or arc and you start to get frustrated or lose interest? This is my state of mind regarding Oll and co. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but if there is no good pay off from this, I can safetly say this has been needless filler that has stretched out the Siege series for far longer than it should gone on for. I could almost count The First Wall>! and !<Mortis>! as filler as well but that is a different story.!<
Absence of the Emperor and Horus: Not sure if Wraight was breaking the fourth wall here, but I am kind of frustrated by the absence of these two big characters in this entry much like their respective warriors who both know that the end is near and are asking where the heck are their leaders. Horus has lacked some character development throughout the Heresy series imho and I wonder how ADB and Dan Abnett are going to fit in this component in just two more books. The Siege of Terra is Horus' chance to shine some more before his demise so I hope we get to see more of the good, bad, and ugly of the evil Warmaster before the eleventh hour. I also hope Abaddon will be the one to lower the shields of the Vengeful Spirit as a last act of spite to someone he no longer recognises as having once been his genesire whom he had pledged eternal fealty.
Erda: First of all I hate Erebus with all my heart and this sequence just gave me another reason to do so. If this confrontation means that Erda is done, why was she even sandwiched into this mini series in the first place? I think she is an interesting character who seemed like she was going to do something else before the Siege ends but Erebus kind of crushed those hopes for me. Yes, she helped John go on his way and gave him Leetu. But aside from that, she decided to continue to chill at home. At least she went down fighting like a boss. Still though, I am a little let down by this sequence. I suposse that Erebus is now going after Oll and his merry band of adventureres which may be interesting.
Loken stuff: I love Loken but I thought his inclusion in this novel was a bit forced. I mean all he does is find Keeler and decides to stick with her due to their history and because she has now created a proto-Imperial cult army who are a crazy and whom Loken is a bit wary of. It was nice to see Katsuhiro again as I still hope he is the guy to suicide charge Horus at the eleventh hour.
Wrap up already: The Siege series should wrap up already and I hope the last two books are released within the year though I think it may be longer as GW wishes to shamefully get every last cent out of this endeavour and will probably throw out some more novellas between the last two novels. Granted, I would like to see a novella dealing with Barthusa Narek for his arc is incomplete. But Throne, I hope we get to the end soon. As a veteran of the Heresy series, I am probably just near the limit with all the long grinding bolter battles and this is my exhaustion showing. I hope ADB and Dan Abnett give us a good closure though I dread that the Emperor is going to be treated badly by the end of the Siege with some SJW/feminism nonsense...

Now we can get down to the pros:
Sigismund: This is actually my favourite part of the novel. For in this story, I loved seeing how Sigismund makes his transition from an Imperial Fist into a Black Templar: the former stands for reason and unity and the latter for nothing but a zealous drive coupled with a terrible vengeance. Sigismund's thought process and him taking up the Black Sword marked the transition so powerfully imho. Sigismund understands he can no longer be the defender of the Imperium that was but what it will become: a relentless, zealous war machine that will trample everything in its path without any care for the whys. Truly, Sigismund has become the embodiment of the 40k Imperium: the cruellest and bloodiest regime to have ever existed and this was seen so well when he cut down a Sons of Horus captain in a matter of seconds without knowing or caring what his name was. Even Khârn, who is a monster in his own right, was taken aback by what he saw in Sigismund: a worse monster than himself. By the way, the duel between these two was potent. I wonder though if old lore stated Sigismund was the one to put Khârn into a coma. Nonetheless, I loved how Sigismund despatched Khârn and how he now hungers to face Abandon. And as for Khârn, maybe Khorne will bring him back in the ADB book? We shall have to wait and see.

The sense of grim dark: This was embodied so well in the likes of the most stoic of people: Dorn. It was crushing to see his inner thought process of knowing full well that the end is near and everything that the loyalists do now is only defiance rather than the hopeful waiting for reinforcements from Guilliman and the Lion. The poor mortal soldiers lose their minds or join Keeler's army of fanatics. Truly, the horrors of the Siege has broken many minds and yet this is the everyday life of 40k: a miserable existence coupled with fighting the worst horrors imaginable in order to stay alive. Wraight delivered a very poetic take here which was well done.

The White Scars and the Death Guard: The White Scars finally got the spotlight they lacked in past Siege books and Wraight did them solid justice. I was actually surprised Shiban made it out alive cos I though he would be goner by the end of the story. It was also a pleasure to see part of the story told from the POV of the White Scars' newblood, Jangsai Khan. RIP Naranbataar: like Yesugei I will miss this guy big time.
As for the Death Guard, they have truly become terrible monsters and Wraight really sold the threat they now pose from spreading a sickness of hopelessness to mounting a defence of the Lion's Gate Spaceport that nearly beat the White Scars' advance due to how they slowed them with traps, emplacements, demons etc.

The Khan/Mortarion rematch: I was looking forward to this since Scars>! and I was nervous if Jagathai would make it out alive as the odds were completely stacked against him. I did like the clever twist of the Khan taking a horrendous beating from Mortarion in order to wear him out. It was only then, that the Khan struck back and my word it was glorious. But when he fell after banishing Mortarion and the White Scars went into a mindless frenzy, I was sick wondering if this was the end of one of the most compelling primarchs to have ever graced the pages of Warhammer literature. When Ilya found a pulse in the Khan's neck, I breathed out a sigh of relief. And yet, did he really die? Is he a kind of perpetual? Or is this a secret warp power he has recently unlocked? Wraight's afterword makes it clear that the Khan is out of the game now which is why he will not be there for the finale. An amazing way to get there though. I could even feel Malcador's relief and gratitude when Ilya brough the Khan to him in the two simple words he uttered: "Thank you". Malcador is the uncle of the primarchs and I always held the belief he grew to care for them deeply. This scene only reinforced my belief. Then again, it is subject to various interpretations.!<

Basilio Fo: I am interested to see what happens once the weapon is finished. It will definitely be a point of contention once we approach the final duel of the Siege. Also that Night Lord that nealry killed Fo was creepy though Valdor handily depatched him which was a pleasure to read.

Ok, that is it for this post. I am interested to hear what your thoughts have been on this latest entry to the Siege series.
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2021.10.19 11:42 Weltraumbaer I can't properly skill my Sorc and I am confused by the Build Videos

I can't properly skill my Sorc and I am confused by the Build Videos Hello,
so the title pretty much sums it up: I can't skill my 94 Skill points Sorceress properly and I am either confused by the many build videos or they use extreme gear to make a build work (like Infinity for their mercenary). I've already used the Skill Reset 3 times and wasted away two Tokens already.
I am currenly using Frozen Orb/Lightening Sorceress, but still struggle farming Hell Boss', especially Mephisto or Baal. I can't even farm the Countess for Runes. My build pretty much is a copy of this build.

My current Skill Build (Youtube link above)
I kinda like Frozen Orb because it has a low cooldown unlike Blizzard and its pretty strong actually, but my lightening attack is a dead fish; getting the highest damage roll is a tough job. I am not that good in switching between spells and even switching to Teleport in midst of battle can end in death. So eventhough people tend to skill into Static Field, thats not viable due to my slow speed of playing.
What am I looking for? Well I play this game mostly alone so I need something that can manage itself in Hell in regards to immunity and toughness. My gear is OK-ish, but stuff like Hoto/Infinity is like what the sky is to a rock: unreachable unless thrown. She should be kinda tanky that's why I've thought into investing into Energy field.
What shall I do? I am kinda tired of looking for Tokens all the time :)
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2021.10.19 11:42 Green-Campaign101 Unhandled Exception: type 'List' is not a subtype of type 'Map' in type cast

 final dataList = await DBHelper.getData('cart_food'); _cartItems = dataList .map((item) => CartModel(item['id'], item['price'].toDouble(), item['productName'], item['quantity'])) .toList() as Map; 
I was taking data from database, but it didn't work. it gets error. Unhandled Exception: type 'List' is not a subtype of type 'Map' in type cast.
Map _cartItems = {}; //this is getData method. static Future>> getData(String table) async { 
final db = await DBHelper.database(); return db.query(table); }
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2021.10.19 11:42 Mrelf000 Rock Climbing and Off-Shore Surfing at the Colony

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2021.10.19 11:42 awdrifter Taiwan couple suspected of negligent homicide in building fire on Oct 14 that killed 46 people

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2021.10.19 11:42 EiEpix Tapped on the "did you mean" text and now going to jail T_T

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2021.10.19 11:42 hotpoodle Moving advice needed (renting)

Not one of the typical "Which location is better posts", I'm just wondering how the hell do people manage to even view properties? Everywhere I've booked viewings for on the same day that they have come on the market have been let before I get chance to view. I work Mon-Fri but it seems nobody else viewing properties has that issue and can just view any time!? How can I increase my chances of actually getting somewhere sorted to rent?
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2021.10.19 11:42 perennialposter Liam Sanford Talks Tokyo Olympics And His RAF Hockey Career!

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2021.10.19 11:42 JamiroFan2000 "Space Cowboy - Francesco Palla Bootleg Mix" (Soundcloud)

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2021.10.19 11:42 SxQuadro The average Cardano transaction fee has increased from 2 cents to 46 cents in one year. How is this any more scalable than Ethereum?

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2021.10.19 11:42 trailer8k The Tragedy of Macbeth Official Trailer HD A24 Apple TV AI Upscale 8K 60FPS 5.1 Surround

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2021.10.19 11:42 godsdead PirateCraft - Build working ships and cannons! Expanded Vanilla survival with move mechanics, 9 years strong.

⚓ Connect:
⚓ Website:
⚓ Discord:
⚓ Rules:
⚓ Live Map:
⚓ Getting Started:
⚓ Detailed Guides:
About us
PirateCraft is a Pirate themed Minecraft survival server. We are a 9+ year tight-knit community that’s developed over the years into a wonderful family.
Our ethos for running PirateCraft is to have a permanent map that isn’t ever Reset, builds will be kept and protected, you can disappear for 3 months and come back to carry on where you left off! We’ve had players come back after 5 years and continue where they left off!
The world doesn’t get stale, Land & abandoned claims are regenerated over time to keep it fresh and clean, players can request Claims and Land to be removed and regenerated by our Staff Team.
Staff act like police, they only intervene when asked, you are mostly left to make your own way in PirateCraft, be it Solo or an Empire. We have a rich History documented over the years on our Wiki
Getting Started
There are no hurdles to get started, spawn is small, you just need to leave it in any direction to get started. You spawn a deckhand on a shipwreck just off the coast, where has your crew gone? Gather resources and build yourself a home to survive. Do you Build your own Empire or Join an existing one? Maybe you fight as cut-throat solo Pirate laying down your own rules!

We look forward to meeting you!
We do have a subreddit, but we don’t have any community there, it would be fantastic to get this going! /piratecraft/
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2021.10.19 11:42 Aaliyalou The LADS

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2021.10.19 11:42 Classic-Ad7103 Sneha aaahh that nave, waist and those expressions made me cum litres instantly

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2021.10.19 11:42 hungwhitedick420 Good Morning 🌄

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2021.10.19 11:42 nezb1t Soundcore Liberty Air left earbud not working

Hey all. Im in a battle with Left Earbud since yesterday. I got headphones for almost 3 years already, but recently something is off. Left earbud flashes very faintly as it could be low battery, but the case is charged, when i connect them to my phone, it also shows that they are 100% changed yet, the left one stays the same. I tried everything, charging the case almost all day, unpairing them, turning them off inside the case, nothing seems to work. Any thoughts, what can i do or if any? Cheers
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2021.10.19 11:42 abjinternational [100% off]PMI-ACP®: Agile Certified Project Management 200 Questions

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Make sure you see the message "your commission kickback rate: 10%".
Feel free to PM me if any question arises!
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